Transit EGR Delete

If your EGR valve is faulty or you would rather deal with it before it breaks Vantuner offers a closure / delete service available for all Mk7 Transits 2006.5 onwards.. The EGR fault blights all models of Mk7, so 85, 110, 115, 130, 140 & 200ps & causes, hesitancy, smoke, poor economy & whilst its faulty your intake will clog, making all symptoms worse. Note – whilst a stuck EGR will contribute to a hunting ( uneven idle ) problem, its not the cause, for that you  need the Fuel Pressure Fix

Once deleted you will a have sweet runner gain & no MIL  / Engine Check light .. Plus your engine will run more efficiently & you will no longer face paying ridiculous ££££ for new EGR valves..

I have 2 solutions available, one for if your valve is currently OK or starting to fail  returning P0404, P0403, P1102, P1103 dtc’s etc & one for if you have a failed / motor stuck problem returning P1409 dtc. which involves disabling some DTC check routines… whilst the Vantuner EGR delete deals with the ECU electronics, if there’s any doubt as to if your EGR is closing correctly , we fit these blanking plates as well.. If you want to fit a plate yourself, use these from eBayer Bertye1958, they are of very good quality & fit. Fitting yourself may help you work out of your EGR is actually faulty prior to visiting me for the software change, although the engine check lamp will normally light up after some miles once a plate is in place ( on some engine software versions it wont ).. EGR delete is also available for other cars & vans  & costs from £100 – Call for advice on 07956 555 666 ( office hours only please 😉 )

berties quality EGR plates

This picture below is a cleaned EGR from a Mk6 Transit 125ps Jumbo Minibus, we cleaned this out along with the inlet manifold. This is a great job to do if your’e in search of economy on a TDDI engine. The bus in question is a local scout groups transport that give low twenties at best to the gallon. The groups other van, a jumbo with the same engine, returns late twenties so we read the panel vans ECU file, loaded that into the minibus then tuned that for max torque.


Another Transit Speed Limiter Crushed…

100mph limiter ? easy ;)…. a 60 or 70mph one that a main dealer cant remove with the dealer tool ? now thats the tricky one.. I’m ashamed it took me 2 years to get  a solution sorted but its finally cracked using a good ( rather than hack) method.. now tested good on econetic models. If you have one of these sticky limiters on a regular transit, or any transit  econetic model,   kindly form a que just over there please…