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Want a cheap generic remap? Or do you want your van professionally custom tuned to its safe maximum? Vantuner’s remapping  /  tuning service promises value & satisfaction –  a few thousand satisfied customers since 2007 have gone away with a transformed van & continue to come back each  time their van is stolen (*Transits ) or replaced.

“Will it make any difference” or “Will I be able to feel it?” I still hear this regularly! The age of the ever cheapening generic or ebay remaps by tuning agency drones has tainted the industry for sure…

Now i normally keep feedback on the feedback page but this one , a 2005  90ps LDV Convoy report from a van I tuned in July 2019 really tickled me…

Well – christ – oh my god.
I think fairies came overnight and changed my engine!!!
Now I know I have a turbo.
Slightly damp road – wheel spin in 1st 2nd AND third
LDV at 90+ is a scary beast
All I need now is a 7 speed gearbox
Something better to steer it with and
Thanks Martyn

ECU Tuning for Vans

By having Vantuner remap your van you get a safe and reliable power increase without losing the great economy and reliability that comes with modern diesel engine.

Most turbo-diesel vans made after about ‘2001 can be remapped like Mercedes Sprinter’s, Vito’s, Vauxhall Combo, Astra, Vivaro, Nissan Primastar, all Ford Transits , Transit  Custom & late  Sportvan’s, MK8’s , Renault Trafic, Iveco Daily , Renault Masters etc etc.

The beauty of modern day ecu tuning / remapping is that it is essentially a software upgrade  & on many vehicles, no opening or removal of the vehicles ecu (electronic control unit)- the upgrade is carried out via a laptop computer connecting to the OBD diagnostic connector under the dash. After a road test & diagnostic check, the vehicles performance settings are read, modified and re-loaded..

How is it done?

Although manufacturers build in security measures to stop owners & urchins like myself changing the factory settings, the tuning industry has developed tools and methods to overcome this, so in a similar way a  main dealer’s update is applied, Vantuner can modify your engine’s ECU program to achieve better spread of power and usually maintain or improve the van’s economy… goto to page 2 »