0281001537 Early MK3 Daily ECU 2001-2003

Known sometimes as “The Big ECU”, it was the 1st ECU fitted to Daily MK3 with common rail injection, 01-03 although you may see them on as late as 2004. They were used on 2.3 & 2.8 in several specs, dependent on engine type & power level. Maybe these early ECU van’s were Euro 2 emission spec?

8140.43R 86ps 63kw 2800

8140.43B 106ps 78kw 2800

8140.43S 130ps 95kw 2800

8140.43N 150ps 110kw 2800

F1AE0481A 95.9ps 70.5kw 2300

F1AE0481B 116ps 2300

If you look at the ECU label the engine is printed on there. Best to buy one based on what it says on that label as many for sale are misdescribed (or get seller to confirm engine code of donor van). In ECU replacement terms, any 0281001537 can be reprogrammed to suit any version engine, but its a chip out job in many cases so can get expensive so try & find right one then its just an immobiliser off job, then plug & play.

The engine code & power level ( in KW ) is also on the chassis tag, on bonnet slam panel.

If your one is faulty / failed, find one on ebay, have it sent direct to me to save postage & I can program it to suit & send it on to you. .