Retrofit & activating Cruise Control on a Mk7, MK8 & Custom Ford Transit

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MK8 & Transit Custom Cruise Control Activation


Vantuner offers  MK8 Transit & Transit Custom Euro 5/6 Cruise Control activation on MK8 or Custom ,  essentially , on 2014+ van’s , it’s a  case of fitting or bringing along a cruise button equipped wheel & having me activate it. Tested so far up to all versions  up to & including facelift model’s up to  2023. Same wheel is used on MK8 & Customs, & other Ford models so  just find an identical styled wheel that has cruise buttons & you are good to go parts wise. 


Some wheel info  – this Euro 5/6 ( up to 2018) one has part number BK21-3600-JA35B8) part number’s dont really matter as long as the wheel look’s physically identical apart from the extra cruise controls), but for reference another tested suitable steering wheel part number is BK21-3600-FD35B8

You’ll see that the visual difference in the right-hand D-pad buttons from your old wheel.   If you can match the right hand stereo controls great, otherwise you will lose radio control via the new wheel , in this case, the  trim  pops off & the switch pad can be swapped, using your old one from your old wheel. In most cases , the right hand pand will now control the radio as before.  

 Spanish ebay seems to be a good source for wheels with the correct d-pad but its not an issue as the d-pads are swappable as i said. 

Some of these “good ” wheels (with just the added cruise buttons) , also need rewiring to get the right hand D-Pad working  & customer Ian Hartley kindly sent these pix.  He changed green/white tracer from position 2 to position 11 & the yellow from position 5 to position 12. There are other colours on some , but as long as have your old wheel , this can be worked out. 

Another suitable wheel has  phone  controls, in the same style as the cruise controls, just on the lower right side. These wheels have different wiring for the right hand side controls so  you’ll lose steering wheel control of your ( basic) radio unless you’re up for rewiring the connectors yourself ( as well as fitting right hand D-Pad from your existing wheel) i’ll update here   if I can verify the wiring changes needed. 

December 2022 update – some wheels have a 3 part paddle instead of a single control for CAN/RES, behind the main cruise controls  –  these are untested as yet, compare the pix above to the one your thinking of buying & avoid these for now.

Jan 2023 update – Wheel Part number DT11-3600-GA35B8  – seems to be a Transit Connect part number but is found on the odd Customs & works fine for cruise & basic radio control once right hand D-Pad is swapped. 1st pic is the cruise switch & second is the actual wheel part#. 

Suitable steering wheel for transit custom cruise control

Alternative steering wheel for transit custom cruise control

2019+ Facelift Models

On facelift 2019 model + just get a matching style cruise button equipped wheel from a Transit or Custom, like the one below , so far all seem OK, with full cruise & dash menu controls working after coding – will update with part numbers etc if that changes. Can you just fit a left hand cruise switch instead of a whole wheel  ? maybe  (if wiring is compatible ) –  switch part number is H1BT-9E740-AB / 2127976.


Transit Facelift Steering Wheel

MK7 Transit 


Vantuner offers a full range of optional extra activation like switching on factory cruise control, & enabling outside air temperature function on so called “high level” clocks etc.  In most cases, as connectors are usually in place already, its a case of fit the required parts  & possibly add wires ,then arrange for activation.. Vantuner only activates options  / installs  BCM’s /Wheel’s rather than offering a turn-key service including wiring however in the case of cruise control, if you don’t already have the wiring in place ( many do ) only 2 wires have to be added & there are online guides to help specifically with this , see below…

Popular Mods  –

  • Cruise Control
  • Exterior Temperature Sensor
  • Trip Computer High Spec Clocks
  • Rain Sensor
  • Auto lights
  • Bluetooth Via the Ford Stereo
  • Axle Ratio & Tyre Size correction after diff change
  • New engine or gearbox type after swap or upgrade
  • Vin change after ECU kit swaps
  • Cloning of your BCM here or by post to save expensive on-site options( not for van’s that have cruise) 
  • Tacho removal to restore dash mileage

Some  activation’s or cloning can also be carried out by post by sending in Your BCM or “Body” Computer. 

There are few different wiring looms specs & body control modules fitted so firstly identify which you have to see if a module swap or additional wiring is needed .If the help below isn’t conclusive, please get in touch to confirm what’s involved on your van..If you have an Ex Rac van or a GLX or Limited model  you are  in luck from the off as a high spec dash wiring & body control module are already fitted to them from the factory, ditto if you have a low spec model but an  optional extra like heated screen or cat1 alarm , heated mirrors or bluetooth already fitted…

Body Control Module Identification – 

See video here 

Drop down glove box, at far back & up is the module & on a white label, look for the ID in the format of 6C1T-14A073-CB, CJ etc, the C in that example denotes the high level version , if yours has a B in the 2nd from last digit , EG: 6C1T-14A073-BK that’s a so called lower level module, which cant support cruise or trip computer clocks etc..If you’ve only a B series body control module you will need to  get  a C ( or D ) series . C & D have extra components  & one more IC ( chip ).  Do you have a 2012 -2014 (Euro 5) Van ? then you if you dont already have a C or  D you will need a C or D with the prefix CC1T or CC11 as accelerator pedal circuit handling differs on Euro 5 vans compared to those on the Euro 4  –  Here is a picture of a B Series  –


Wiring Requirements  –  

See video here

Some dash wiring looms already have the wiring in place for the cruise. The 2 wires required wiring run from the BCM to the squib connector  near the ignition switch , remove the plastic cowling around the lower  part of the steering column & look at the lower of the 2   connector plugs, if you’ve 2 orange wires ( 1 orange , 1 orange w/yellow tracer ) in position 4 & 5 of that connector you have the wiring needed. A video to help identify them is  here . Usually if you find you have the cruise wires the other wiring for high spec clocks & most other optional extras is fitted also.

If you need to fit the wires yourself, locate the ” squib connector” under steering column lower cowling, nearest IGN switch, you ‘ll see the connector has nothing in pin’s 4 & 5 & wires in all other 4 pins, (1,2,3 & 6).

Pin outs are:- Squib Connector  pin 4 (scm return) (original is orange /yellow )  to BCM C6 pin 40 (speed control ground)

Squib Connector Pin 5 (scm signal) (original is orange) to BCM C6 pin 26 (speed control signal).

You’ll need to pull the tab on the side of the connector away slightly to be able to remove the cables but you should be able to push the 2 terminals straight in.

On  the BCM itself, it’s plug’s inputs are clearly marked C6, C5 etc, you only need to work on C6. unplug connector C6,  lift flap at the side and slide out green connector, & you can then insert your 2 new wires. The 2 wires you create must be terminated with Ford tip’s & these must be harvested from a scrap loom, grab yourself a BCM connector from position 3, 4 or 6 with a few inches of wire tails from a scrap yard & you ‘ll have plenty as both ends of cruise wiring require the same tip. Amazon also sell the tips described as ” 10 x Wiring Crimp Repair Terminals Pins 000979009E Fits Audi VW Skoda Seat Porsche” or just search for “000979009E” – (thanks to Woolly Luke for this part# info) 

For high level clocks you need  3  wires from the indicator stalk connector to the  connector plug at the back of the new clocks, this allows control of the high level clocks menu.. its an easy job with the right metal wiring connector ends, ideally donated from a scrap loom .the type & size of connector you need are used all over the dash loom.. a great wiring guide for cruise & other mods penned by Welsh Transit guru “Loot” can be found here. If you are  looking for the steering wheel with cruise buttons , search also for C-Max 2003-2007 or some Kuga as the part is compatible. Some Focus wheels are also compatible as long as they are identical in style  ( Keep in mind some non transit ones have only 3 airbag locater lugs, rather than the usual 4 so you would need a matching 3 lug airbag in this case) )  Try Breakerlink for parts if you are stuck.

Auto Lights

The wiring for the auto light switch  is in every MK7, but you’ll need to fit the light/rain sensor in the windscreen as well as the actual auto light switch. Also the light  / rain sensor requires a different loom part which connects from the driver A post to the sensor & central locking pick up sensor. The basic loom just connects the central locking pick up receiver, located in the roof, behind the lining, near the centre.  

Outside Temperature Sensor

The sensor fits on the front of the chassis leg, driver side, if you’ve no connector there already fitted ( look for a blanking plug) you need to run a wire to the BCM for this to work. Also a high level clock set & menu stalk &  wiring are needed. The high level clocks have no buttons on the plastic screen  & a menu  / indicator stalk is required as well if you want the trip computer function along with it’s wiring.

Steering Wheel Suitable Types

For the simplest  fit  specifically use the wheel pictured from a Transit, C-Max or Kuga – & also Focus MK2 ones work but i haven’t verified that myself.  Carry out a steering angle sensor calibration ( with IDS or Forscan etc ) if you do fit  a non transit one. There are some minor wiring differences on non Transit wheels as well but amount to an extra earth , just unscrew & discard it.

Transit Cruise WheelFord Cmax 2003-2007 Cruise Type Steering Wheel


Q- I just want cruise – what do I need ?

Q- if you have a C or D series BCM ( body control module) already just fit the right steering wheel  & book in for activation.. ( all van’s i have seen with C /D series BCM’s do not require any additional wiring) if you’ve a B series BCM, buy  a used C or D series BCM,  fit if needed the 2 cruise control wires & book in for BCM fitting & activation. Bring any spare keys as all keys get cleared & re-added as part of the new BCM installation.

Q- Can it be done by post ? A – Yes, but only if the van came with a C or D series originally. 

Q-I’ve fitted trip computer clocks & the functions all work apart from the outside temp?

A- A temperature sensor is needed & the function needs activating  . Many Mk7’s have the plug ( with a blanking plug fitted ) for the temp sensor near the off side fog lamp on the chassis leg  – The sensor just plugs in there & is the same part on many Mondeo’s also. To wire one in Pin 1 at Sensor (GN/BU) connects to BCM C4-33 / Pin 2 at sensor (YE/GN) connects to BCM C4-24.

Q- Its activated but isn’t working? nothing happens on transits when you press ON, you have to press plus ( +)  & then lamp will light & speed is held & can be adjusted up & down using +/- as normal. Over 1500 rpm & 3rd gear or higher approximately is the minimum speed required but some onoly work at highway speeds due to differing axle & gear ratios. Tried that & still not working ? There’s a clutch position switch (part number 1143409  for £15) which has to be functional, ( read highlighted section at end of the paragraph 1st ) the switches themselves fail or the tang coming from the clutch pedal arm can bend, so not switching correctly. The tang when set correctly is at a right angle to its parent more or less . You can test the function of the switch with the FORD IDS  diagnostic tool or similar in the data logging section for the BCM where you can also monitor the cruise control ( buttons)  function ( the ability to do this is sketchy, sometimes it just doesn’t not show up despite cruise being active)  Look for 200k ohm’s with an instant change  if OFF, + or – are pressed. If you have that cruise is activated & the buttons are working.  Sometimes the clutch switch circuit will  fault after activation but this will self correct after a a few drives & cruise will then start working. 

Q- The clocks I have fitted seem to work on the trip computer side of things but they reset randomly?

A- 2010 made clocks have a firmware bug which can be banished by a update.

Q – I’m worried my VIN or Vehicle spec ID will change by fitting used parts ?

A -Vantuners service  modifies only whats needed  so all ID & VIN numbers still match if Ford plug in all info spec  & VIN etc is correct for the spec of van & module updates or replacements can be carried out  as normal.

Q- I am having trouble finding  C/D series BCM on ebay.

A – Try the Breakerlink used parts search utility for hard to find parts.