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Power? Economy or Both?

How can you gain MPG after adding more power & torque on a diesel ? Vantuner custom tunes every vehicle & so has always offered a choice of tuning & when having your van tuned. You can usually opt for an economy tune, a regular power tune or in some cases , maximum power … The Ecotune is ideal for towing, motor homes or gentle driver or for very high mileage vehicles. The vans power delivery will feel smoother & slightly more powerful, from idle speed up to 2500-3000rpm & will be better at holding a given speed on runs due to small torque increase . 5-10% improvement is realistic on many models  ( >3mpg on many Mk7 Transits)  when tuned & driven economically , compared to standard. The Power tune aims to give best overall power & torque gains from low down in the rev range from say around 2000rpm, right up to the redline.. Mapping changes are made to help economy when using light throttle on a run though & with a lot of extra torque available at any given throttle position, you may find MPG improves from this aspect as well..  See the testimonial’s page or below for real world reports of vans the same model as yours. Notes on Economy – There are a huge number of variables that affect van economy… driving style, mileage , hills, fuel quality, weight carried , vehicle spec, maintenance etc all play a part & after many years tuning just vans full time , I find that with power or economy tuning , around 50% of my customers who follow up with a report find  a worthwhile gain in MPG.. – Many competitors websites quote 15% on every single model & that’s basically dishonest !

– Transit 90ps Tddi Duratorq, tuned @Dans in Glasgow

Hi Martyn,
Thought I’d give you an update on the van. The improvement in the low end torque really becomes apparent on the open road – particularly in 5th and 6th. It pulls in 6th now whereas it was an overdrive gear before.
I filled the van before driving down to you and also refilled it when setting off from yours.   It managed 29mpg on the way down as it had for the last 18months, but the journey home – believe it or not – 44mpg!! Too early to be conclusive but wow. I will keep measuring it and will put a glow plug in after a couple of tanks have been through.
Will be in touch in a few months.
Will lawrence (31.3.17 125ps Euro 5 2.2 Mk7 Transit)
Hi Guys ,
Sorry for the delay in updating you, but I have been wire brushing the chassis and painting it with Hammerite, and then Waxoyling all the box sections, I also cleaned the axle & propshaft and painted them gloss black, what a sad b…..d
Anyway, after we came back from Dan’s after the ECU Replacement/Re-Map, I refilled back here, and it had done 24.72mpg, I used the van a couple of times a week to do the ASDA run, and just to keep everything loosened up & keep the batteries charged, then
I arranged with Dan to code the spare key, and we went up the Thursday night, and he did it first thing Friday, only took him about 1/2  an hour, all OK
We left Dans and went along the A71 to Ayr, and had a look round the town ( i got lost in the one way system!) and then came down the coast road A719 to Turnberry, the A77 to Girvan, and onto Ballantrae, Cairnryan, and Stranraer, a lovely route and a nice road,
from Stranraer to Newton Stewart on the A75, with loads of roadworks, resurfacing, contraflow, the wait was so long at some points, I switched the engine off, until we were able to move on, then onto the A712, and A75 to Dumfries and Annan, and back onto the M6 at Gretna Green, back down to the Carlisle turn off Jct 44, and then Acroos the A689/A69 back to Newcastle, and home
The gauge dropped to 1/2way between empty & and the first segment, I did not want to chance it, being Friday afternoon, and being stuck on the A1 in traffic, so I filled up at Brampton, and we carried on home
When I got home, I checked the figures (Twice !) The Van had done 480 miles !, on a very mixed route, and driving styles, but in “Real World Driving”, and returned with a figure of 27.75 mpg !!  Absolutely unbeliveable, the best I used to get from a tankfull was 350 miles, and that was driving it like a granny, so I know that if I was to drop it back a little, and get on some nice flat French Autoroutes, I reckon I could crack 30.0 mpg, so that is the targetI have also noticed that it will now cruise in 5th Gear !!, and is a lot easier to drive, and a hell of a lot smoother, I got a Stainless Steel EGR Blank Plate off E-Bay last week, and fitted that, and the hesitancy/flat spot is no longer there, so I can’t wait for September to go to Spain, via France
So, all I can say is Thank You once again, keep up the good work, you are the boys, Fandabbydozy !!
Best Regards,      DM

Transit 100ps Tddi Duratorq – May 2014

Good morning Martyn.

I hope all is well. Here’s a little more of my findings since the re-map, including some mpg info for you.

Firstly, I did as you suggested & fitted a K&N panel filter. The original was a genuine Ford one, which was in pretty goood condition. I noticed a slight improvement in the throttle response immediately.

I filled up to the brim with regular Shell diesel. I normally use either Shell or BP. Over the next couple of weeks I did 135 miles of general localalised knocking about, including a very short motorway run on the M25. The day before yesterday I paid a visit to my folks who live at the top end of Cambridgeshire. It’s a round trip of 230 miles, & it was fast running stuff on the M25, A1, & A1m. Upon filling up I managed to squeeze 50. ‘sod all’ litres into it, (11.04 gallons), this equates to 33.06 mpg.

Prior to the re-map my van was averaging 32-33 mpg under genearl knocking about conditions. However, prolonged motorway use at speed usually resulted in a figure of around 28.5-29 mpg. A bit of scoolboy maths using 32.5 mpg & 29 mpg as base figures that would result in an overall average of 30.17 mpg. Therefore 33.06 mpg equates to an improvement of 9.6%. Not bad at all! 🙂

Yesterday I towed my Caravan down to Wittering, as I have managed to dump my Girlfriend & her Brat off for the week, (BLISS!) 🙂 My Caravan weighs a shade under a ton, & the back of the van was full of stuff, (you know what women are like).

Previously, my van’s high gearing made towing my caravan a bit of a chore, & certainly caned the fuel consumption down to around 24 mpg. It felt much more comfortable on the hills, & I certainly didn’t have to rev it as much. I have to collect them on Saturday. I’ll fill up afterwards, so I’ll have another average figure for you.

Another thing I’ve noticed since the re-map, apart from the improved all round performance, is that there’s a touch less smoke on cold starting, & the engine is definitely quieter when up to operating temperature. In fact my Girlfriend even noticed that my van was smoother, & she wouldn’t notice if it had square wheels, & she doesn’t know a spark plug from a baked potato!

A friend of mine has a 54 plate rwd 90hp Transit 350, which has the 2.4 Duratorq I believe. He often tows a trailer with his racing car onboard. He’s always saying how gutless it is, & would love to get more performance out of it. He’s a pretty competent mechanic, so his van is well maintained. What sort of improvement do you think you can get out of it?
I think his van has done around 130k, & I know he hasn’t blanked off the EGR as yet, so a manifold clean out would be in order before tuning methinks. Let me know, & I’ll try to persuade him to book himslf in with you.

Oh well, bikes to bash, better get on with it! I hope you’re well, & that the bookings are flooding in.

Re Remap / egr delete

Sent: Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:18 am by motorman116 Hello mate, Just an update for you…..I have done 958 miles since you have done your magic on my van, Ive had the Mot done today and the smoke test reading was 0.38, the year before that it was 0.46. The mot tester was shocked that it was so clean, he did mention that normally the Transits that he gets in for Mot’s smokes the workshop out on the smoke test :lol: The Mpg works out to 26 Mpg, it use to be 25 Mpg before the remap this is mixed driving and I only do 10 miles too a fro work each day, but I dont think that I can expect anything better seeing that I have the 5.11 rear axle ratio.. I haven’t given the van a long run yet so haven’t got the mpg figures for this…. I am very pleased with the van, just a note to ones self when going around a big roundabout in 3rd gear after it has been raining, dont plant your foot down hard, when giving it a clear out for the Mot as it tends to go sideways :lol: :lol: :lol: