Van Tuning

Why choose Vantuner?

Vantuner’s aim is to transform the feel of your van’s power delivery whilst keeping any modification safe and reliable, particularly on a working van.

You wouldn’t think there’s much variance but what worked well on one van often produces different results on the next. This is due to differing software versions, mileages, & engine spec & condition..Only a tuner who works on your exact model every day can know the differences between one software version to the next  & be able to tune to anything near perfection.

In most cases I will load tuning  based on what has worked well on these models previously then, adjust, road test & adjust the tuning on your van until its right…, on TDDI Transit Mk6’s for example , I still tweak each one to get the best & as each year passes , more of the stock calibration is decoded & another few more BHP are found, there is just no “generic” option !

All of the van tuning work that I do is therefore customised for your needs. I care deeply about customer service  & the work I do & the aim is always to achieve a level of quality  so you won’t hesitate to return when you replace your van or to recommend me on..

Will I feel it ? Will I be satisfied?

There is no better way to maximise your vehicle’s power than by having a full ECU remap – You will feel the ( often dramatic ) results immediately on your test drive, guaranteed.

Check out the rest of the site for more info or send an enquiry from here  – contact vantuner >> to see what can be done on your model.