Connect Tddi Dyno Test Results

With more boost, the popular Euro 3 75ps Tddi Connect( 2002-2006) can make some pretty stunning gains.. this one in Finland, tuned via the I-MAP system is making 121ps now , with torque up from 175 to 230nm’s.

Mods so far –

– egr blank
– cold air intake
– 4,3v zener diode on map-sensor ( to stop ECU having kittens with raised boost level)
– v4 program
– electronic boost controller set @1,4 bar peak ( on stock turbo)
Connect Dyno

130ps should be possible with further software tweaks & a better intercooler & simply fitting an intercooler  (& matching pipework)  from any Euro4 Connect will offer an improvement to the shabby , poorly angled stock item.

Would a Sytec manual controller work in stead of the electronic one? we aren’t sure but at a fraction of the price of an electronic controller it would be worth trying..