DPF & Ad-Blue removal

Despite updates to MOT Test  due May 2018, Diesel Particulate Filter & Ad-Blue / SCR system removal is a very common procedure despite the fact on UK roads its a offence to use a vehicle modified in such a way. Manufacturers  really need to sort their shit out as so many new ish diesel cars & van’s are rendered unusable from blocked DPF systems, resulting from normal day to day city driving. A 2 grand bill & the same thing happens 3 months later, Shocking !

Vantuner mods many airport  use van’s , vans for export , race applications & can consult on all other suitable uses.


Note the new MOT regs include a more thorough physical check of the DPF system, so no just cutting a hole in it, you’ll need to open & weld it along its seam. There’s still no check on its efficiency beyond a basic smoke check.

Other MOT regs update include a MIL lamp being a fail, & physically checking EGR is connected  /present.