The I-Map switchable remap boxes are now discontinued . This page is left here for legacy purposes.

Vantuner’s innovative i-Map unit is a switchable remap solution , you use it to read your ECU via your diagnostic socket, email the file it reads & I’ll email back 2 custom tuned files for you to select at your leisure.. it’s a full “no need to travel “remap solution that you control & you can switch back to stock anytime you like if you’re paranoid about a dealer visit ( not that you need be !)   You set it up via a Windows PC.

I-map feedback –

Hugo, Australia, Queensland, Nov 2012 – 125 ASM Durashift Transit (took 6 days to arrive)

Hi Martyn,
Thanks for that mate.
Programmed my van this morning and all good.
Seems a bit zappier to drive and better acceleration.
Awesome job!
And this Imap gadget is a great little device!
Can I ask you what parameters you changed? I guess the injectors timing and fuel volume have changed?
If it’s too hard to explain don’t worry.
The other question I had is regarding my Transit’s selectable drive modes. As you are no doubt aware these durashifts have a selectable Economy mode and Power mode.
Are these modes still the same?  I normally really only use Economy mode.
Regards Hugo
Matti. Finland – Nov 2012 , 75 Tddi Connect 3  – days shipping time
First of all , thank you.
I’m not sure about my boost gauge, its cheapest i found, but before i installed boost tee it measured about 0.9-0.95 bar and now its about 1,2 bar and ecu works well. I think that it starts to cut fuel somewhere between 1,3-1,4 bar. Havent test now with new software
I installed new software, and van works well. Performance…. This is LWB, high, roof own weight 1610kg+ me, 85kg + 100kg  stuff on back. before best 0-100 was 19.2 sec. I just tested few times in (sludgy?, wet snow) conditions. 13.9 and 13.8 sec 0-100. I think that ford promises 14.4 sec for new 110, which is lighter than my van….so i think that there is now more than 75 bhp……thank you. There is no smoke at all, so i think that amount of fuel can be increased……Sorry about my bad English but hopefully you understand what i said.