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Below are some highlights from the feedback i receive via email  plus you can check out the Google Reviews here
EGR Delete & factory upgrade from 75 top 90ps  – MK1 2010 Connect via post  – Message: Hi Martyn, firstly may I thank you for the support you gave me during my recent upgrade. Above and beyond is the expression I believe. My new van, well thats how it feels, is now a joy to drive the increase in torque and power makes it so much more driveable thank you. Too early to measure the incease in fuel consumption but I am sure it is significant. Once again Martyn Thank you. Colin. Please use this as you feel fit ommiting my contact details, Cheers
May 2020 – Been running the T5 for a month now since your remap it really is a different van the amazing thing is it’s doing 6 mpg to the gallon more than previous the other noticeable thing is on the motorway at 70 the pedal is nowhere near as far down , and the extra 40 hp is welcome too. Very pleased,  regards,  Phil – 2008 VW T5 2.5 BNZ 130ps
Hi Martyn, sorry it has taken me so long to get round to this, but here’s the testimonial.
I tried to get the limiter taken off my 2013 Vauxhall Movano at a couple of places locally, but it was apparently irremovable. So I decided to travel to London and challenge Martyn to prove his claim to tackle any vehicle. It did make him scratch his head awhile, but with a little help from his extensive network, he was able to deprogram the limiter, and I was duly amazed. I’m not interested in breaking speed records, just being able to overtake on dual carriageways without holding up the overtaking lane.
Greg D, Essex.

Shaf’s 2018 Transit Custom VR46 – Tuned to 190ps , May 2018

Hi Martyn. Here’s some feedback as promised.
Took the new transit custom vr46 edition 170ps to Vantuner last week. Martyn is a pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable and professional. Was a bit dubious that I would see any difference to the drive of what was already a ok van to travel around in after a remap. After Martyn had worked his magic all I can say is that the van is just ridiculous, the overall general drive is brilliant and seems a lot smoother and confident shall we say. Put ones foot down on the throttle and I have to remind myself I’m driving a van. The power is just excellent and lots of fun, the kids in the back love it and other drivers hate it!!! Seen a improvement in fuel economy and the vans computer shows about 29.8mpg and 460ish miles on a full tank, this has to be said was calculated whilst driving around like a boy racer who has just got his licence. I’m confident this can be improved on when I decide to drive more conservatively. Overall very impressed with the service and like others have said probably the best few hundred quid spent in a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend the Vantuner!!

How’s that!! Will copy and paste it to a Facebook review. Cheers Shaf.

Rod – 85ps MK7 Transit November 2018 

Had a very frustrating drive down to see Martyn with a sick transit from south Wales cutting out and generally giving me grief, A few hours and Martyn doing his guru stuff sorted a multitude of problem I never even new I had PCM updated and remap installed again Ignition done and a battery fault, I can’t fault the service and highly recommend everyone take there van to him.. It was a different van going home best it has ever run since I got it,, wish I had done it when I first had it saved me time and hassle from main dealers.. Well done Martyn and thanks

On 19 Jan 2018 09:17, “John Garlick” <> wrote:

From: John Garlick
Email: <nineonesix/>
Location: Berkshire
Phone:  07932 9 ******
Vehicle Details:2014 Transit MK7 Euro 5

Message Body:
Hi Martyn,

This is just some positive feedback on the recent remap of my van.

We have just completed a 3,000mile road trip across Europe.
This included 1,500miles fully loaded.

Generally the van is much improved across the whole rev range.

The most improved part is the hill performance where the van climbed some steep inclines still maintaining 80mph in 6th gear.
This was never possible before and would need at least one gear drop.
Also it is quieter, smoother and pleasant too drive.

In regard to economy it seems a little better however I am still monitoring this.

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend your service.

Many thanks


May 9th 2017 Peter Shaw – TDDI 90 Transit Camper

From: Mark Snares, April 7th 2017

Email: <>

Location: Essex

Vehicle Details:Transit mk6 260 85

Had the van remapped and the limiter taken off about a month ago,on the drive home it really put a smile on my face.After driving it regularly it is like a different vehicle with very quick response and better economy,all in all it’s fantastic to drive and i have now fitted a free flow exhaust and blanked off the egr valve for a little bit more performance.

Martyn is very patient and will not let you drive the van until he is happy,i would recommend him to anyone,thanks again.

From: steven cassidy <stev******>
Sent: 15 February 2017 23:53
To: Martyn Lewis
Subject: Re: 2nd Tuned file attached.
After using it for 4 days, it is quicker over 65, it just didnt appear to be as the torque up to that speed is so violent and then it starts tailing off . You even have to be cautious in the wet when its empty, So well chuffed, thanks
Just an update on a days work-bout 250 miles. Torque up to about 2750 is stunning. Absolute power,  im not sure theres not much difference,  theres an amusing vibration on foot to floor, bit like a td5 discovery. Overall the old bitch is really quicker to about 65. After that shes about the same. 😄
All i can say is fuck me, the torque off the old bugger. Its dark, im on country roads, but seriously fuck me. 😂. Thank you. I doubt itll be better on fuel but do i care.
Ill stop now but thats how ford should a made them. Top man
(115ps Mk6 2.4 tuned in the Republic Of Ireland remotely via the IMAP system  –  Stephen wrote about 3 times hence the 3 different paragraphs above ) The vibration may be mapping issue , but  i have advised to check the propshaft centre bearing 1st.)

From: simon c*****
Email: <************>
Location: South West
Phone:  07*** ******
Vehicle Details:Transit Econetic 59 Plate

Message Body:
I bought a Transit Econetic 59 plate from a fairly local dealer who conveniently didn’t realise it had a ridiculous 70mph speed limiter until after I had paid for it and on my way home (buyers beware apparently you cannot reject a vehicle as being unfit for purpose for this reason). After being let down by two well know separate Ford Dealers in the South West who both initially said they could remove it but then later stated that it was written into the ecu programming unlike normal speed limiters and it was impossible I turned to Google in desperation and Vantuner came up, now I have to admit I did have a doubt about sending one of the most important bits of my new van to a guy I have never met and sending payment before receiving it back but let me assure you this guy is as everyone states on the forums a true genius and honest, he was always on the end of the phone for queries and explained about the power upgrade I could have. When I received back and fitted the ECU I was completely ‘gob smacked’ by the way the van pulled, I seriously haven’t had this much fun in a vehicle since I had an Escort RS Turbo 18 years ago, the van pulls so much low down when you plant the throttle that the traction control light flashes like a Christmas tree on slightly damp roads and you actually get torque steer in the dry. I’ve left the usual boy racers and smug reps looking stupid at the traffic light grand prix, it’s totally unbelievable to both them and me that a standard looking white Transit van has this much poke, the long dual carriageway hills we have here in Devon & Cornwall on the A38 and A30 are not even noticed anymore! As for the speed limiter, well that’s long gone and if I am not careful so will my license, cannot thank you enough, highly, highly recommended and definitely a repeat customer here when the van gets changed, Ford 0 Vantuner 2 .      (received 27/2/17)

Hi Martyn,

Thank you for the re-map of my ecu via your postal service, it has transrormed the van. On re-fiiting i also added an K+N panel filter and now it revs smoother power delivery is a lot stronger.I am very pleased with your work and service and will be recommending to people that i know who have vans.
Many many thanks,

Paul (South Wales) 85HP MK6 Transit SWB 2.0l, 99000mls,

Editors note: Tuned to 120ps  – September 19th, 2015


 Just an update on my van having now driven some of my usual routes.  Feel free to publish this on your website if you’d like.
My 2005 Iveco Daily 35s12 does a lot of fully laden towing with a box trailer, weighing in at over 6000kg.
As a standard 2.3l engine with 116bhp it would struggle on hills, and cruising at 56mph would normally need 4th as i could not maintain speed on any hint of an incline or headwind in top.
After your postal remap the van is transformed, it comfortably holds 5th with power in reserve, Falmer Hill on the A27 nr Brighton can be topped in 4th at over 50mph (previously with a run up and changing down to 3rd we would struggle to maintain 40mph) and Handcross Hill on the A23 maintaining 56mph in 4th. And yes, this is whilst towing the fully laden box trailer.
And its silly quick when driven solo!  I can’t remember how much extra torque you dialed in but feel free to add it.
Thanks very much Martyn, a happy customer 🙂
(Editors note: 65nm added..)

MK6 Transit Motorhome – May 2014 tuned in Glasgow

Hi Guys,
Well, what a marathon, but certainly worth it in the end, I cannot thank Dan enough for his patience, commitment, and single bloody mindedness to find a solution to the problem on my van, and also the excellent support provide by you Martyn
Well, when i left Dan last night, I topped off the fuel just before I went onto the M6, and even from the Workshop to the filling station, the difference was quite noticeable, and even the wife noticed it was lot smoother & livelier
Once on the M6, i never had to drop out of 5th Gear, acceleration up the slip road was quick, and I was soon up to 60mph, which it stayed at all the way to the turnoff for Hexham (Carlisle) and the A69, on some of the inclines it did drop down to 55mph, but never went below this, and picked back up on the level, I never had to change down to 4th or even 3rd, which I had to do before the up-grade
It has never ever been as good as this, and I now have to hold it back !
On the A69 it was just as good, I maintained a steady 55 – 60, again in 5th gear, and again only changing down for the roundabouts, a couple of times the hesitancy was there, but I have now adapted my driving style to feed the throttle in steady and get into 5th ASAP and it just flies along, so I can live with that, it is just a different beast all together
I topped the fuel off again this morning, so the tank/fuel had cooled down, and would not have been warm/expanded so I believe it to be quite a “True” reading, within the limitations of a Tank to Tank check, but even so, 155 miles, at 60mph, and 24.72mpg, on a van that is as Aerodynamic as a brick !!, I can live with that, it would have only done 17 to 19 mpg before at these speeds
I reckon if I backed off to 55mph, and drive like a granny, on some of the flatter routes in France I could break the 30mpg barrier, so watch this space for more info, that is my target, and I am going for it
Once again, thanks for all the help, advice, and total professionalism, I will certainly pass the word around
PS, Are there any “Tuned by Vantuner” – “Vantuner Tuned” stickers in the pipeline ?, put me down for some
I passed a white van on the M6 and you should have seen the look on his face !!!
Best Regards

Ex Rac 100ps 2007  – Hi Martyn. I thought I would give you some feedback on the remap. I’m really happy with it, pull really well and much more even power band. Unfortunately I do not know what mpg it was doing before has I had only just got the van, but around town it’s doing 27ish and on more extended driving its doing 29/30ish which I think isn’t too bad considering its s 2.4 with the high ratio diff, and its more that I expected it would do after reading feedback on the forum. Thanks again. Lee

85 Tddi 2003  – Sorry for late text its Alan who came over yesterday. I just done my usual 45minute b road drive from Norwich to Lowestoft where I wouldn’t dare over take anything and be stuck sometimes doing 50mph behind some slow arse but today I over took every car in my way without dropping down gear 🙂 its like nothing I’ve ever driven before its fucking amazing thank you also I raced my friend today with the quick transit I embarrassed him he couldn’t believe its an 85Tddi

Hi Martyn. Just thought I’d give you an update on the van.   Noticeably more responsive, bags more torque especially overtaking.   Took the van out Thursday with a pretty full load, trailer and car – about an extra 2900kgs. Pulled well on the flat and didn’t have to drop lower than 3rd for any hill or indeed under 50mph. Did 300 miles on a tank of fuel towing, which is another improvement.   Very pleased with the remap well worth the trip!

Hi Martyn, hope your well, i took the boost valve out and cleaned it at the weekend and it was as you said thick with gunk, i then had the emissions checked. Yesterday and its gone from 2.32 down to .6 which is great and its still fun at the moment till i get used to the extra power then i will do a proper mpg test but i can say at the moment its better on fuel going by the miles I’ve done to the tank reading, many thanks again and i will keep you posted, Jim

Hi Martyn, fitted it and road tested. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. But its better, quite a lot better. Revs up to 4.5k easier, less gear changes and easier to drive. Hopefully I will see a difference with the caravan on the back. All in all very pleased. If you want me to leave any feedback anywhere let me know. Cheers Pete. Ps service from you was spot on.

Hi Martyn, Harry Thomas here, you did a transit crew cab for me a wile ago, wasn’t that impressed with the performance, then we found a big split in the inlet manifold, now it goes like a rocket, and driving careful at 50 i returned 34.7 mpg cross country, and its got a heavy body, well pleased thank you. I am thinking of buying an Isuzu rodeo pickup have you done anything with then, and which is the best engine to get, is it poss. to get much more mpg out of it. Having transit sign written next week, will send pic and testimonial if you like direct to Your site  ?. all the best Harry Thomas

Van Is spot on mate 🙂 major difference best £300 spent in a long time are you on Facebook ? If so join the group I told you about I have put a good word on there for you I’m sure there would be some work from it Thanks again mate.

Hi Martin . Getting 26.5 mpg now without driving like a pensioner , thats 2199 miles since the flash, improved 2 mpg after about 900 odd miles Cheers Neil.

Hi Martyn, sorry for the long delay in replying, (Putor probs!) I cant thank you enough for re-educating my Transit Connects brain, its a completely different van now goes like stink if I want it to and the fuel consumption is loads better. I put a 6 mm hole in the egr blanking plate and it made no difference till about 100 miles were covered, then it got a lot better. The extra torque the motor has now is brilliant and the van is the best now it has ever been, best £150 I have ever spent on it! Best regards, Dave in Suffolk.

Here is a little feedback on the MPG after your work.
On my recent trip to Scotland I achieved an average on 29.29 over 1700 varied miles.
The motorway element average was 30.5 with the best leg achieving 31.8
The ‘a’ and ‘b’ roads average was approx 28.

Hope this is of assistance.


David  – Ex RAC 100ps 2.4 2008

38 thoughts on “Customer Feedback – How did we do ?

  1. I don’t ordinarily write reviews, so when I do it really means something.
    I recently had my Mrk 7 remapped by Martyn.
    I would like to give my sincerest thanks to Martyn.
    I would also highly recommend him for remapping & customer support, help & guidance. 100%
    Due to my ECU & BCM being removed & refitted by a local garage who messed up this simple procedure it caused loads of problems for myself & Martyn. ECU connections not refitted correctly.
    ( with hindsight I wish I had done it myself as I would have done a better job)
    Martyn was there to help from start to finish, ultimately driving a 200 mile round trip to resolve the problems for which I will be forever grateful.
    This is, as he said a very rare occurrence for him to do a site visit like this, but he was determined to find the cause of all the problems.
    Turns out the garage had not reconnected the ECU correctly !!!
    He rechecked his own work which was all correct & then trouble shooted till he found the problem the garage had created…
    The garage didn’t seem interested at all.
    This type of customer service by Martyn is exceptional in this day & age.
    I would highly recommend Martyn
    A lovely fella, great communication, adaptable, highly skilled & willing to go the extra mile to help his customers.
    Can’t fault him or the services he offers.
    Thanks Martyn

  2. renault master minibus 2007 speed limiter removal, 12 months ago i visited the main dealer to have this removed and was told it was impossible? so i went away and contacted 15 plus companies all with promises of being able to remove the SL there were wizards aces doctors and magicians all turned out to be wannabees gunnabees and has-beens. so i was starting to come to terms with max speed of 60 mph? i came across vantuner and was a little sceptical about sending the ecu by post but thought id give it a go so here i am a couple of days later with a delimited van well done martyn no fuss no BS , faith restored and motorway driving no problem many thanks steve M

  3. 2005 Transit Connect TDCi T230 LX 90.
    I came to see Martyn today for a re-map on my Connect. All I can say is wow Jesus!… It didn’t JUST improve the power HUGELY, but also the general feel of the engine and driveability. Much smoother. The van already drove very well, but this has put the icing on the cake for me. A massive improvement is an understatement! I never expected quite this much power to be dug out of this humble engine. It now literally launches if you want it to, and the torque has gone through the roof. The drive home on the motorway was really good fun, and felt much safer! He’s a very honest, no nonsense, down-to-earth guy, who cares about his work. An absolute pleasure to be in his company today. Five stars and highly recommended. Thanks once again Martyn.


  5. Just got home after a visit to Martyn to have my Transit Custom ‘breathed upon. I cannot praise him enough for the magic he has performed. He has transformed my van beyond all recognition. I have no doubt that my driving style hasn’t changed in the last hour but inside my van is a much more comfortable place to be. No more clunky, hesitant pick up, it’s now smooth as silk and as responsive as you could ever wish. Best investment I’ve made in a long while. Thank you Martyn, it was a pleasure to meet you.

  6. I’d just like to say what a genius Martyn is !!!
    Went to him to have a host of things done on my Transit Mk7 Transporter, it gave up a fight but Martin came out on top thanks to his patience & mega knowledge !! I came away a very happy man, can’t praise Martyn enough really. I’ll definitely be back with my next Transit.

  7. Having tried the main dealer to remove the speed limiter on my LT 46 Motorhome conversion without much success, Martyn sorted it within an hour. Fantastic service will highly recommend his professional approach.

  8. Transit Custom 130 Re Map
    I took a trip over to see Martyn just so he could have a quick look at the software I had on my Van, but then he informed me that he could do the work there and then, brilliant news for me as it’s really hard to get time off work, so much appreciated! In no time at all I was on my way home in what feels like a different van , so much more responsive on the accelerator, Martyn was very patient with me with all my questions I had for him, very professional guy who knows his stuff.I looked on many forums about Remaps , Am so glad I choose him to do mine, if your thinking about getting it done, then just book it with Martyn, Hes the Man !!

  9. This man is a genuine van and car saver! He will fix anything electrically wrong with a vehicle to the best of his knowledge and boy does he have a lot of knowledge! Thanks again martyn for sorting out my focus! Legend!

  10. Should Have visited way before I guessed at all the fixes I thought I needed, would have saved some $’s.
    Don’t be a fool , more knowledge here than an old encyclopaedia… Thanks Van Tune Man,

  11. dear martyn Maurice smith 1st feb 2019 can’t thankyou enough for the removal of my speed limiter on my citroen relay having tried many people over the last 18 months after reading feedback on your website decided to take the risk and posted you my ecu you were so professional I was at ease straight away ecu was back in 3 days wow what a difference can now overtake lorries.YOU ARE A STAR.XXX…..

  12. what a difference my ldv maxus is since the limiter removed from my x minibus now a motorcarvan I wish to thank martyn for a job well done

  13. I had a very frustrating drive down to see Martyn with a sick transit from south Wales cutting out and generally giving me grief, A few hours and Martyn doing his guru stuff sorted a multitude of problem I never even new I had PCM updated and remap installed again Ignition done and a battery fault, I can’t fault the service and highly recommend everyone take there van to him.. It was a different van going home best it has ever run since I got it,, wish I had done it when I first had it saved me time and hassle from main dealers.. Well done Martyn and thanks

  14. The speed limiter removal for the Transit Mk6 2.0 tdci 125PS, is great! Thanks Martyn for your quick & efficient checking of so many alternative ways a limiter could have been implemented, leveraging your obviously very good technical know-how, then removing the limiter even though the Ford software was saying there was no limiter.
    Thoroughly tested on the Autobahn while stopping in at Venice on the way to Spain over the summer, 120mph! It was such an enjoyable drive at good mpg too, that we prolonged our Summer holiday taking in most of the Iberian peninsula coast.

  15. RE Transit 2006-2014, 2.2L Duratorq TDCi (115PS) – Puma, Frozen White ECONETIC.

    WOW what a difference speed limiter removal and remap to 140bhp not had it over 100 yet but I dont really need to. I had two metalworking lathes a hoist and some other bits and pieces in the back at around 850kgs and travelled from Plymouth to Leicester averaged 42.4 mpg and was not holding back at times to pass slower traffic on the a roads, lots of pulling power.
    Prior to the remap the van was showing an average of 34 mpg but was ex national grid so was probably loaded to the hilt, now even running around in traffic and a short run recently of around 65 miles returned 44.6 mpg I am more than happy with it.
    Thanks Martyn especially with the 110kph limiter removal it has left me feeling back in control again when overtaking now I just give a little push to about 78mph and past I go.


  16. Had my Ford Transit MK7 2.4 140Hp ECU with km. 108000 updated. First Impression, runs crisp and smooth, good acceleration. Was powerful before, so to really compare the results a dyno measurement would be necessary. The feeling my a… confirms after modification is really positive. Thanks Martyn.

    • The “butt dyno” is a really useful tool Konrad, & is probably indicating around a 20ps gain along with 60nm or so of torque. – enjoy !

  17. Hi, I had my Caddy SDI limiter removal from my van?
    I drove home down the m25 it was so nice to over take a Lorry comfortably,

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