Iveco Daily MK4 Tacho Removal- Engine RPM limited to 2500rpm

Motorhome owner Tony C from Essex, recently bought a Iris Bus conversion, & the engine wouldn’t rev over 2500rpm , I supplied a BSI ( Body Systems Interface ) ( Body ECU ) that had no tacho from factory & all was good , alternative is having tacho switched off in existing BSI, but in this case , we had already removed the immobiliser from the engine ECU, so any BSI could be installed & tried , without any programming ( as long as gearbox type matched ) . . That’s a really shortened version of what actually happened over a few months , as it was a non runner , then a runner once immobiliser was removed but with 9 engine fault codes , so many things happened 1st resolving faults one by one with ECU swaps, DPF & EGR deletes etc . Finally though Tony said it could only be a faulty tacho now & he was right. T sign tacho missing message was gone from dash & mileage showed correctly, once the new BSI was installed.

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