LDV Convoy still a good van to tune

Usually of about 2003 vintage, the Convoy are  beast of a van, often long wheel base , twin wheel high roof etc. Great candidates for a camper conversion or for one man & his beard (& dog) road-home conversions etc.

Often 1st owned by like Royal Mail  & charities.They come with the excellent  Transit Duratorq 16 valve turbo diesel engine in either 75ps or 90ps limited to 62 or 70mph.. All Transit tuning & maintenance advice applies… the limiter is also easily removed..see this page :  Transit Service Tips

3 thoughts on “LDV Convoy still a good van to tune

  1. I have a transit 150 td auto mk5 smiley has not been messed with its as it left factory it starts and runs but engine management light is on you can take key out of ignition and van is still running ,put key back in and turn it like you are going to start it ,it cuts out (stops).
    Any ideas would be.

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