Its Curtains for 125ps & 135ps TDCI MK6 Transit Tuning.

Vantuner no longer tunes them, as they  are not  reliable & any tuning will add more risk to already over sensitive injection system.

One issue , on this Delphi injection system setup, is tolerance of rail pressure deviation, anything over approx 60bar from spec at full pelt (1600 bar) & you have limp mode. A standard van is kissing this limit anyway so even tuning which avoids any rail pressure increase directly will lower this margin..So they can run good apart from going into limp mode under full load intermittently.. What a load of bollocks.. The creators should be ashamed of themselves  – In ancient Greece, the word  Delphi may mean “Womb”.. Clearly Fords 1st common rail offspring has a birth defect.

Problem solving in cases like this van’s relies on a tuner having access to something called a description file, an “A2L ” a ” Damos ” , These  illegally gained manufacturer’s  files identify maps  & functions & would in this case allow the rail pressure deviation tolerance data to be increased, but no such files exist ( outside of Ford HQ) for  Fords of this vintage  so no go sadly.

20 thoughts on “Its Curtains for 125ps & 135ps TDCI MK6 Transit Tuning.

  1. I am now the sad owner of a 2005 mk6 135 tdci ….. Injectors changed, erg blocked off …. a lot less smoke now as it used to overfuel but flew through the gears & pulled! Now less smoke & less power, still goes into limp mode at 3000rpm … cancelled easily by turning ignition switch off & on …. there seems to be less power now and returns poor fuel economy. Would like more power for pulling my trailer & clearing gears with a load! Can live with limp mode at 3k … I’m not a racer!

    Is there anything that can be done for power lower done the rpm range & fuel economy?

  2. hi i have an old mk6 but im going to upgrade to a better van soon. my idea was to get another mk6 (so i could use the spares off the old one) but in better nick. ive just read the issues with the mk6 youve stated and as its hard to get decent advice nowadays could you advise me on what options i can take. i have approx 3200 but i was also looking at upgrading the power for better motorway usage under a load. any ideas? many thanks, craig

    • On the contrary Graham, from the MK6 range ( 2000-2006 ) 125 2.0 & 135 2.4’s are the only 2 models that I would advise against tuning these days. As your 120 isnt a TDCI, its a TDDI, these happily make 140-150ps assuming a engine in excellent order.

  3. Hi I have a 110 T260 TDCI – And i am have problems with the EGR.. I understand it was previously sorted but i think it is causing issues again. Economy is terrible and hunts and can be sporadic when driving. What can you advice please. Thanks

    • Have the EGR correctly & fully disabled / deleted by someone like myself. The hunting is usually fuel pressure related so a fix to that is probably needed also. For details & prices, call me on 07956 555 666 during office hours ( 9-5, Monday Friday)

  4. Hi guys I have a old girl a 2002 transit 2.4 90 350 twin wheel tipper thats only done 75k it carries big weight ( tree surgeons) and she is crying out for a bit more umph. Just enough so she can get out of third now and again on a hill .
    Is this something you still do ?

    • Still do many 90’s Mark yes. There are good gains to be had. Please call me on 07956555666 to discuss options.

  5. Hi there I’ve just brought 2012. 125psi ex AAVan and was wondering how much to remove the limiter which is around 76mph
    Many thanks

    • No economy tune on that engine George, just full power of 95-100ps. You may see small MPG gains though from it if driven gently.

  6. hi i have a 135 tdci and yes delphi wants to rob me again for injectors and pump
    i can buy a 125 tdci complete Donner van but not sure if it will fit the 6 speed box
    or could i just fit a di engine
    if i swap to the 125 will i need to change looms?
    thanks in advance

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