Its Curtains for 125ps & 135ps TDCI MK6 Transit Tuning. ( & a few others )

Vantuner no longer tunes them, as they  are not  reliable & any tuning will add more risk to already over sensitive injection system.

One issue , on this Delphi injection system setup, is tolerance on fuel rail pressure deviation, anything over approx 60 bar from spec at full pelt (1600 bar) & you have limp mode. A standard van is kissing this limit anyway so even tuning which avoids any rail pressure increase directly will lower this margin..So they can run good apart from going into limp mode under full load intermittently.. What a load of bollocks.. The creators should be ashamed of themselves  – In ancient Greece, the word Delphi may mean “Womb”.. Clearly Fords 1st common rail offspring has a birth defect.

If you need speed limiter removal , thats no problem. For EGR delete ( assuming your EGR valve is currently working ok)  just disconnect the vacuum pipe that operates the EGR. You wont get an engine light from doing this, same with fitting an EGR blanking plate. You’ll get a P0404 engine trouble code thats all, as this is a Euro 3 engine & EGR performance was not as crucial , unlike with  later Euro emissions regulations, where any EGR issue will light the MIL ( Malfunction Indicator Lamp on dash) .

110ps MK7 Transit

Stock 110ps Transit Mk7 Euro 4 2200 have a tendency to develop a vibration at about 1690rpm on light acceleration & pushing the gas pedal & it goes. It can affect any Euro 4 diesel Transit but its  rare on others . Some have fixed it by fitting a new genuine crankshaft pulley or engine mounts, or clutch  but there is no foolproof repair route . Any repair or tuning that adds torque to that RPM point or corrects a loss in the case of a repair, can induce the vibration & its tricky to solve. Its a balance  / calibration error, an argument between 2 maps if you like. Not something that can be solved reliably by someone like myself for various reasons. Here’s one  – you adjust the calibration ( mapping ) load it in,  & its gone, 300 miles later its back. Why  ? Because some short term fuelling trims via an adaptation process are reset every time you reprogram the engine ECU so full torque, via a slight fuelling reduction isn’t available until the adaptation process completes.  As you can imagine that complicates any fix.  For this reason, vantuner no longer tunes or works on 110ps van’s.   I do have some 130ps ish tuned  software for 85/110’s, that has cured a few back in the day,  but it’s tricky to install & honestly i’d rather not get involved anymore with them. 

130ps & 140ps MK7 Euro 4 Front Wheel Drive Transits

I consider the 130/140FWD fragile & unreliable. The piston crown weakness that blights the 2.2 is most prominent on the 130 , & the usual Euro 4 issues ( injector wear, hunting, egr, turbo actuator failure)  seems to affect the 130 /140FWD  more  so vantuner no longer tunes them, but will carry out other repairs like recalibration, EGR delete, software updates etc. 

46 thoughts on “Its Curtains for 125ps & 135ps TDCI MK6 Transit Tuning. ( & a few others )

  1. Hi. I’ve got a 2001 twin wheel Transit tipper(75hp). As you can imagine it’s dangerously slow empty! I’ve got a 2005 MK6 135 TDCI, can I swap some bits over or is it not worth the hassle?

  2. Hi I have a mk6 2.4l 135bhp 6speed, looking to remap
    160k 4 new Delphi injectors and recon fuel pump, running sweet but looking for a bit more bottom end torque

  3. Hello I have a mk7 jumbo transit 2.4 115 bhp I’m interested in a remap for better mpg and abit more torque what can u do cheers

  4. I finally have her running like a dream power no more limp modes revving passed 3000rpm and no limp mode a different truck well worth the time

      • Hi vantuner I have to transits.
        1st is 2005 2.0 tddi 85ps that I would like to know about potal service remap as it’s in a recover truck and desperately needs more power.
        I also have a 2006 2.2 tdci with an issue (shocking right?) Basically it’s running on 3. No 3 cylinder is dead. Wen I unplug it whilst running it makes no difference. When I unplug 1 2 or 4 it drops down onto 2 cylinder. I fitted a know good injector and still the same. I plugged another known good injector into no 3 plug as engines running and I can hear it clicking so wiring seems ok. Is there a known issue with the driver in ecu? Or do u think there’s a big hole in my piston lol

        • Postal tune on the 85 is no problem, 115ps is achievable if the engine is in good order & intake is clean ish. On The MK7 , i’d offer to clone a replacement ECU, in case the driver transistor is blown. That’s cheaper than an ECU repair usually.

  5. well fixed the problem found that the intakes were chocked up with carbon and crap something that was suppose to be cleaned by the people I bought the cylinder head from did not do so after cleaning out the intakes I have my turbo working again good revs good acceleration not limp mode all due to carbon from an egr.

  6. thanks for your reply today I found a filter in the uk a 3C11-9176-AB I bought one not long ago out of Melbourne Australia they sent me a 6C11 I do not think this was the right one thanks for your help

  7. I got a P1211 and a P0251 both are the same could be a bad fuel filter trying to find one in Australia is the hardest thing they have the no name brand but they just do not lock into the filter housing what do you think

    • I can send one. 30 GBP for an original or a Bosch unit. Shipping is another 35 GBP & takes around 7 days recently ( prices & shipping time based on shipments made in March 2019). Googling those fault codes ” ford transit p0251 p1211″ brings up plenty of info needed to repair this issue. Its dead common & one of the reasons in the UK we say don’t buy a TDCI MK6 TRANSIT as many find the only solution is new pump & injectors. New (not recon ) is the best way to do it to save time & money. As you’ve already read probably it could be just a fuel supply issue or filter or maybe leaking leak off pipes. Hopefully it’s one of the simple things on yours.

  8. unfortunately her in the land of Australia not many ford dealers here have anything to do with transits ill have to take it into Sydney thanks for your help ill go from there.

  9. I had it into ford and it come out worse they were suppose to reset all the ecu software due to an ecu change they did not change the vin number in the ecu so I am not a fan of ford dealers

    • Ok . The usual fix is new ( not reconditioned ) injectors ( all 4) and new or recon fuel pump. But we are only guessing without diagnostic work and / or removal & bench testing of injectors. You need to find a transit specialist, ford don’t always have a transit specialist in every dealer sadly. & get right software installed, I’m not sure if wrong vin would cause an issue on that engine but it would be good to get the ECU updated & VIN corrected as well . Rule out a low pressure supply issue 1st ( filter , pipe leaks, blocked line from tank, leaking filter head )

  10. no I had it into ford to fix it and to update the software in the ecu but it come out worse what would you say it was

  11. no it goes into limp then you can turn it off and restarty straight away I replaced one injector other than that the others are ok the pump is good it is when you hit 3000 rpm the glow plug light lights up and then limp it goes most the engine stops so I put I hold the clutch in and turn it off and then restart it with out a problem is it possible to remove the limitor

    • No because it’s not a rev limiter as such it’s a fault. The glow plug lamp tells you that. Have you had it plugged in to see what if any fault codes are present ?

  12. I have a 135t350 transit with the 2.4l an 05 model is it possible to fit a 07 eco into it to get rid of the limp mode at 3000 rpms

    • No that’s not possible & if it was it’s unlikely to help . Does it have fault codes? The problems on these are well understood, but expensive to resolve usually. Injectors & pump are the most common failures

  13. hi i have a 135 tdci and yes delphi wants to rob me again for injectors and pump
    i can buy a 125 tdci complete Donner van but not sure if it will fit the 6 speed box
    or could i just fit a di engine
    if i swap to the 125 will i need to change looms?
    thanks in advance

    • No economy tune on that engine George, just full power of 95-100ps. You may see small MPG gains though from it if driven gently.

  14. Hi there I’ve just brought 2012. 125psi ex AAVan and was wondering how much to remove the limiter which is around 76mph
    Many thanks

  15. Hi guys I have a old girl a 2002 transit 2.4 90 350 twin wheel tipper thats only done 75k it carries big weight ( tree surgeons) and she is crying out for a bit more umph. Just enough so she can get out of third now and again on a hill .
    Is this something you still do ?

    • Still do many 90’s Mark yes. There are good gains to be had. Please call me on 07956555666 to discuss options.

  16. Hi I have a 110 T260 TDCI – And i am have problems with the EGR.. I understand it was previously sorted but i think it is causing issues again. Economy is terrible and hunts and can be sporadic when driving. What can you advice please. Thanks

    • Have the EGR correctly & fully disabled / deleted by someone like myself. The hunting is usually fuel pressure related so a fix to that is probably needed also. For details & prices, call me on 07956 555 666 during office hours ( 9-5, Monday Friday)

      • As models go they are generally good, but it’s an old-ish van now so maintenance & care is more important than anything. You could get 200k trouble free, or any manner of issues within days. Sorry of that answer is bit generic, but it’s not a black & white scenario..It doesn’t appear in my dont buy list though ! ( 110 & 130 MK7’s & all TDCI MK6)

    • On the contrary Graham, from the MK6 range ( 2000-2006 ) 125 2.0 & 135 2.4’s are the only 2 models that I would advise against tuning these days. As your 120 isnt a TDCI, its a TDDI, these happily make 140-150ps assuming a engine in excellent order.

  17. hi i have an old mk6 but im going to upgrade to a better van soon. my idea was to get another mk6 (so i could use the spares off the old one) but in better nick. ive just read the issues with the mk6 youve stated and as its hard to get decent advice nowadays could you advise me on what options i can take. i have approx 3200 but i was also looking at upgrading the power for better motorway usage under a load. any ideas? many thanks, craig

  18. I am now the sad owner of a 2005 mk6 135 tdci ….. Injectors changed, erg blocked off …. a lot less smoke now as it used to overfuel but flew through the gears & pulled! Now less smoke & less power, still goes into limp mode at 3000rpm … cancelled easily by turning ignition switch off & on …. there seems to be less power now and returns poor fuel economy. Would like more power for pulling my trailer & clearing gears with a load! Can live with limp mode at 3k … I’m not a racer!

    Is there anything that can be done for power lower done the rpm range & fuel economy?

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