Ford Transit Diff Ratio’s & Axle Swaps

“My van is screaming its nuts off on the motorway”, is a common complaint & leads many owners of rear wheel drive Transits get in touch hoping a remap will fix it but it is a common misconception that a remap can truly change this.. Whilst more torque & a quieter tuned engine can sometimes give the impression of less rpm, its just an illusion,

The true  solution is a different axle ratio, achieved by an axle or diff change.. if you have a 5.11 or a 5.13 currently, an indicated 70mph will be made using about 3500rpm..Anything over 3000rpm can be noisy..I’d recommend 1 full “point”  so something in the low 4’s like a 4.27 would suffice without acceleration suffering too much. How about a 3.73 i hear you say ? X amount of torque will be needed depending on your model & usage so get in touch to discuss tuning options..Vantuner doesn’t do axle  / diff changes )

22 thoughts on “Ford Transit Diff Ratio’s & Axle Swaps

  1. G’day from Aus.
    I have a 2006 with 2.4 tddi 125ps.
    it has the stupid ASM gearbox.
    I have a couple of questions for you and am happy to pay for the advice, or just buy some stuff 🙂
    1. I need to convert this thing to either full manual or full auto, the ASM is crap and keeps stalling at intersections, including a nice wheel spin. Can you supply gearboxes and a manual tuned ECU? (I can arrange shipping to Aus)
    2. My van is doing 3400 revs at 110 km/hr.. I regularly drive this thing for 1600kms straight highway.. it needs to be changed, suggestions?
    3. All of the above aside, could you supply an ECU tuned for me for a manual, of which I can source my own gearbox and i have a Gscan tool so I can code the fuel pump/keys here.

    • Hi, I can supply an 125ps manual ECU yes, you would need to re-sync the immobiliser to get it running thats all. As for axle ratios, 3.73 to 1 would give around 110kmh @2600rpm.. 125ps will just about be OK to pull it but if heavy ,loads are carried all the time, consider something around 4.27 to 1.. for more info please email me directly – – Martyn.

  2. Hi Martyn , how much are the diff ratio change’s , ive got a mk7 transit 2.4 rwd 100ps ex rac van with im sure the 5.11 diff ..
    Also need cruise activating .
    are you still operating out of London or just up north

    • Hi, i dont do the the actual diff changes , i used a company in Halifax called Transaxles for mine. They fit used ones, it was £470. Mine’s not totally silent but is not far off , after nearly 13000 miles or so. I am London based ( actually Middlesex near Uxbridge) & have an agent in Glasgow. If you need cruise activating or any other ECU work like tuning or EGR delete etc please get in touch via the contact page or call me on 07956 555 666.

  3. Hi guys,
    Advice on what to do with my mk6 jumbo tranist camper currently fitted a mk6 dana axle 3.7 ratio or so i belive but without the 6 speed box to match it struggles uphills and motorway inclines. Would van tuner produce enough power to overcome this on the curent 115ps engine. Would i bet better biting bullet and looking for a 4.2 diff instead and then tune 🙂


    • Irrespective of what engine you have presently, 4.2 something would be about the right one. I’d fit one then get it tuned.

  4. I have a transit minibus with a 3.58 rear axle.2013
    Have bought and fitted a used axle 4.27.
    This has made the speedo read 72 mph not 62mph
    also change up light illuminating when it 6th
    Can the pcm be reprogrammed

  5. ’06 2.4 115 Luton doing 3,000 revs at 60mph, ideally I’d like to be doing 2,000-2,500 revs at 60mph or 3,000 at 70mph, I’m near Brighton after some quotes to get more mpg.

    • The TDDI isn’t the best engine for economy tuning, although some gains can be made when tuned in conjunction with a couple of other mods / jobs. To change the RPM at any given speed, you will need an axle of diff change. Call me & i can go through it in more detail – 07956 555 666 – Martyn.

  6. Hi my track mk6 transit 2.4 90hp long rve 60mh 4200rm to much so I bough mk7 back axle I look 4.27 so will be less rve and pull ok I hope thanks

    • An excellent choice Bernard, and very eloquently put , i must add. Give me a call if you would like more power once the axle is fitted.

    • You can Alan, its very expensive unless used parts are utilised. Transaxles Halifax (at around £470), have many happy customers & supply & fit very quickly , & are the cheapest overall but with used axle parts, its hard to say how many miles they will last. Using new parts may cost £1500 quid upwards.

  7. I have a mk3 sub with a mt75 gearbox. Is it possible to have a higher top speed rear axle? I know it is old but I love my motorhome. If it is possible what sort of price am i looking at?

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