Iveco Daily Diagnostic Tools

Iveco are more difficult to diagnose , as they use a Fiat/Iveco specific communication protocol – many tools do not connect to them, or should do but dont work right, or only work on some models. & for some MK6, or Euro 5A you will probably need SGW ( security gateway) access , you ‘d be looking at premium tools, in the 5k range to get coverage on these, even DTC reading . Additionally you’ll probably not get classic P****-** codes , but numbers from Iveco’s own code system. Finally you have a 38 pin connector on pre 2007 MK3 & older vans. ( you can buy an adapter for this to convert to the normal 16pin OBD2, china specials for £10 or so sometimes work or go HERE for a good one ).

Vantuner does not sell program’s or adapters but here are some of the the choices for Windows based adapters / programs :

Maxi-ECU – Maxi make an Iveco Specific program , its a genuine quality, with an industry leading ugly program interface that reads fault codes & live data on some & little else. £150

Delphi DS150E – a great £2k tool originally but chinese clones of varying quality can be had for about 50 quid upwards. Does way more than Maxi, for example DPF reset & regen. Installation is not easy for most due to the nature of the needed cracked software. Not working on MK3 ( most pre 2007) on my tests & generally buggy due to the cracked software. But if you’re really comfortable with Windows software program installations , worth a shot for the money.

FiCom – £425 a genuine & good spec tool that covers codes, live data & limited coding & resets but support is bad, their 16pin to 38pin OBD adapter looks good . see here :

Others –

Autel Android Based Tablets – from about £500, menu system is little confusing without training ( (some Italian terms used in vehicle selection) , seems OK on earlier van’s ( tested on MK3 & MK4 engine ECU’s, but doesn’t cover early big ECU ( Bosch MS6.3 ) #0281001537 from around 2002 . On a 2016 2.3, DPF & oil reset didn’t work & auto VIN ID failed.

Iveco Easy – what the dealers use – the best you can get but the tool is maybe £2300 + . There is however one Lithuanian ebayer that sells the interface for £1400 & then you’ll need the software, which seems to be readily available, maybe from that same Lithuanian chap.

Program limitations – all of these listed , like most diag tools, copy over the “protocols” from the dealer tools to varying levels of success. The genuine Iveco ” E.A.S.Y” tool, is pretty limited coding wise, but is the only really effective tool for in in depth diagnosis.

Bet advice for the home mechanic is to buy Maxi ( 2004 onwards vans only ) & if it doesn’t work on your your van, or do what you need to do , consider Ficom, then the others.

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