Iveco Daily Auto Agile Semi-Auto Conversion to Manual Gearbox

Vantuner can reprogram the existing ECU’s by post to manual, potentially saving hundreds on replacement ECU’s, key’s, locks, etc & the hassles of finding the right ECU’s for your model.

Some recent feedback can be found on google reviews :

Rafal Kowalski

8 reviews

2 months ago

Absolutely fantastic.
Vantuner done reprogramming on my Iveco Daily after transmission conversion from auto to manual.
Not easy, as Ivecos are bastarts to work on diagnostic/programming. Nobody on my area was capable to do it, only main dealer for megabucks price.
Saved lots of money as paid quarter of that price. Excellent contact, quick response and aftersale help.

Link to reviews here :

7 thoughts on “Iveco Daily Auto Agile Semi-Auto Conversion to Manual Gearbox

  1. Hey There,
    We have an 2006 Iveco Daily box van with a starting issue. We have looked at swapping ECU etc, but to no effect. We put the original ECU back in and our looking at other options. Currently, our immobilizer light is still on, on the dash in the van. Upon seeing your YouTube post, we were taken by your video on by-passing the immobilizer to get it starting. Would you be so king as to share the protocol.

    Many thanks in advance.


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