Free Ford V & M Radio Codes

Vantuner does not supply free codes but you can do it yourself for free quite easily. If you get stuck or are just a lazy cunt, send me a few quid by paypal i’ll calculate it for you. – Follow this link for a free to use calculator for Ford Radio Codes, if it doesn’t work, google free ford radio codes & work through the various ones until you find a real free one. You might need page 2 of googles search results

How to view your V code on a 2006.5+ Transit MK7

Press 1 & 6 on your Ford Radio MK7 radio & you should get info scrolling on the LCD, enter the V code IE V123456 into a calculator ( including the V) & you can get your code for free.

MK6 Transit

On older black MK6 Transit radio’s, the code begins with M & is printed on the label on the side or rear of the radio, so remove it with some stereo key’s & you will see the code to enter on this site.

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