Cloning Service for Ford Transit & Transit Custom Body Control Modules

Vantuner now offers a while you wait or postal BCM cloning service on Ford Transit MK7’s , Euro 4 & 5 from 2006.5 to 2014. Send your faulty BCM along with a cheap used one & i’ll copy over all memories , making your new BCM plug & play. Additional key’s can be added also. Custom & MK8 can be cloned using used BCM’s also Commonly water gets into the upper plugs from leaks around the windscreen or roof rack mounts or bulkhead seams , or some circuits just fail like headlamps or wipers etc , . Call or WhatsApp me on 07956555666 for more info

15 thoughts on “Cloning Service for Ford Transit & Transit Custom Body Control Modules

  1. Hi there i have a 2008 transit pickup and i have damaged the pluges on the ecu they are beyond repair can you clone me another one if i send it it you i have picks if you wish to see them.Matt

    • Si m if you have a MK7 engine & if you have converted it fully from MK6 to MK7 ( inc. all modules & wiring) & have no faults (dtc’s) regarding clutch switch, brake switch, or any in ABS , then its possible to activate factory cruise control.

  2. Can you program a cruise control also in a late transit mk6 2006 with 2.4 tdci 137 hp, who have the same engine als the mk7 2006.5 ?

    Kind regards

    Koen michielsen.

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