Aftermarket Cruise Control Switches – Ford Transit MK7

I saw a van today for cruise activation that had the aftermarket switches fitted, which is possible by cutting out a section of the steering wheel rubberised lower section. The cruise didn’t work after activation. Customer said he had to cut away part of the plug & was then faced with 2 choices on how to plug in the connector. Had no time to check the work beyond measuring the resistance of the switch circuit. It measured 2.1Megohms, thats about 2 million Ohms more than what it should be. Pressing the various cruise buttons had no effect. I’ll update the blog if the customer get’s to the bottom of it, but for now , the previous advice still applies – get yourself a Transit wheel with buttons from a high spec transit , or choose one from a CMAX MK1 ( 2003-2007). Try if ebay yields no result on your search. & stop looking for Focus MK2 wheels, as most are incompatible, which is annoying as they look 10 times better.

13 thoughts on “Aftermarket Cruise Control Switches – Ford Transit MK7

  1. hello what wires are needed to be retrofitted from the indicator stalk to the instrument cluster. to go from low spec clocks to high spec clocks

  2. Hi there
    I have a mk7 Sport with cc but im looking to fit a St 225 steering wheel,done this in my old mk7 and was fine as it never had cc
    can i just fit myvst wheel and then buy the cc stalk ?
    Many thanks

    • C-max, Kuga wheels are a direct fit, some Focus wheels fit , but generally they need to look exactly the same as the Transit one. & you mention fitting a stalk – there is no stalk on a Transit with cruise, the buttons are part of the wheel.

  3. Hi can these mods be done to a 2017 euro 6 ex aa van I’m looking at fitting folding mirrors auto light cruise control

    • Hi there just wondering what my problem would be with my cruise control as my mrk7 transit has the cruise control buttons on my steering wheel and when I turn my engine on the simple for cruise control comes on but when I’m driving and try to turn it on not happening . As I don’t no that much about transit is this a cheep fix ur do I not have cruise control At all sorry for random messages Stephen

  4. Update – It’s working, the main cruise buttons wiring to squib connector wasn’t pushed fully in! Also the kit fitted was genuine ford , the aftermarlet ones dont seem to have the connector plug at all.

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