LDV Maxus 2.5 Oil Starvation ( leading to engine failure)

Our friends over on the LDV Maxus spares & repair group on facebook have discovered a flaw in the engine’s oil circulation system, resulting in the fairly common premature engine failure.

Here is the post: (& there is a link to a video at the end )

Regarding the oil pressure system in your LDV Maxus Vehicle.
It has been brought to light by Tomasz Kulak and his work with the VM Montori engines ( these are in ALL the LDV Maxus Vehicles & The london Black Cabs and also Chrysler Jeep and some others)
In summary, the fault lies in the oil pressure system, and it’s failure to maintain the oil supply to the whole of engine and its moving parts, does not stem from the obvious – the pump. But from 3 little oil seals and those overheat and they fracture, causing the drop in oil pressure which results in the big end bearings failing and many other parts too. It is insidious in its nature as it is slowing happening without any obvious signs. There have been cases where owners have had a flickering oil light and then within a relatively short time the big end bearing sieze. This is normally terminal due to the expense. But there is a fix – and this will restore the FULL oil pressure resulting in lower enigine noise and smoother running. It involves removing the sump and a metal plate inside that holds these 3 oil seals in place under pressure maintaining oil flow pressure. The NEW seals are rated to 700c degrees and are high quality Silcone – The original LDV Maxus ones are a lot lower temperature rated, and a Nitrile Based material. You can get your own gasket or buy one from Tomasz Kulak with the seals or without and you can also use a silcone sealant in place of the normal gasket – if you wanted to. This job can be carried out by any competent person or Tomasz is willing to do the job for you coupled with a oil change and service. Contact him for prices and info. Below is a link to the video showing you exactly what the issue is and how to cure it. Also Tosmasz’s website is below showing what he does and the engines and vehicles he works on – he is fully mobile.
Tomasz Kulak (member on here) Phone: +44 7399 399403
website: https://vmgarage.co.uk/

Have a look at the video in this link

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  1. I can’t access the video as I don’t have a Facebook account. I have tried calling Tomasz but the calls keep dropping off. Is there any other way to access the video or buy the seals.

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