Glasgow Transit Tuning Centre gets an important upgrade

Dan  @ In Transit Garage in Strathaven near Glasgow,  Vantuners Scottish  representative  &  true ford transit  expert , now has the latest ford tuning hardware  & can remap all current (as of Nov 2017) ford vans  via the van’s diagnostic socket, this makes tuning quicker , safer & easier to adjust .

New additions :

1.6 & 1.5 2014 onwards Transit Connect Mk2

2.0 Transit Mk8 & Transit Custom

2.2 Transit & Transit Custom from about 2012 on.

For bookings & info Dan can be reached on 01357 521531 or directly on 07872 320173

43 thoughts on “Glasgow Transit Tuning Centre gets an important upgrade

  1. hi, is it possible to tune a 2019 transit custom?

    not sure what the power output is just yet but what sort of bhp/torque would be expected after a tune (if possible)


  2. Hi there, I’ve just bought a 2011,Euro 4, 85 ps, mk7 Transit. It’s quite nippy low down but struggles mid range and doesn’t really go much faster than 70 mph. I’m just wondering if it could have been restricted and if a remap would sort it out. What sort of power increase could you get out of her?

    Regards, Andy.

    • They can have a limiter set, which is easily removed. Power can be raised to 120ps quite safely. That should sort out both of your issues assuming all is well mechanically.

  3. My Ford Transit Van 2012 T350 has its Power Train light on and has reduced its speed. I bought the van about 2 months ago and the same light came on so I went back to the garage I bought it from and they put it on to diagnostic computer and it went through everything and it stated there was a couple of fails/errors however the guy at the garage said it requires another diagnostic with another higher level computer that he did not have but he took the van to a garage that had the diagnostic computer required to regenerate the vans system. I got the van back all working good as new until again today a month after I got it back from the garage the power train warning light came back on and reduced my power. Is this something that you would be able to solve?

    • The usual issue on these is a blocked vaporiser , get a garage to check this. This issue does not produce a fault code so they would have to physically check if its blocked. If its something else & you want the DPF system switched completely off instead of a repair, please get back in touch. Best to call me on 07956 555 666 – VT.

  4. Hi Dan,
    Looking to get my 67 plate transit custom limited 130ps remapped. How much would this cost and can it make 180ps??
    Many thanks in advance

  5. I have bought a Welsh water board IVECO Daily van 50C/17 2012 with a speed retstricor of 58mph
    would like to enquire if this can be adjusted to 70mph or disabled van has been down plated to 3.5 tonne
    CP62 CEF

    • Pretty sure we have already spoken but just in case , its a yes on this , I can remove or disable it – call 07956 555 666 for more info – VT

  6. Hi I have a 2013 Vauxhall movano minibus I’m converting to a camper and it has a limiter restricted to 60mph, is this something you can do also has a tachometer is it possible to be reprogrammed So mileage is displayed on dashboard ?

    • Hi Chris, i’m not sure on the tacho , without actually plugging the van in here, but the speed limiter removal is no problem, by post or in person, please call me on 07956 555 666 & we can arrange something -Martyn

  7. what are you doing about your latest 90 ps tune up on ford transit forum, the guy in need is getting no answers to why is engine is now rattling like fook less then two days after your balls up
    all your local arse lickers are ignoring is pleas on the forum

    • I’d say you’re in more dire need of a blow job than any man in history …. – Seriously though that chap on the forum is in Ireland, ( & got his tune done there) I’m in London & have just one agent, in Glasgow. So it’s not one Vantuner has done for sure ;).

      This feedback from a 90 I actually did tune last Saturday summarises the usual effect of my work : 90ps result

    • Some Toyota Hilux speed limiter removal is carried out yes, depends on the year mainly. Please contact Dan in Glasgow directly

  8. Hello there, I have a 2010 59 plate Peugeot bipper 1400 turbo diesel ex Royal Mail, limited to 70mph, can you derestrict it so it’ll go faster and rev better, and if so, how much please?

    • Hello Mark, its £100 quid if its one of the Bippers i can actually do. Can you bring it to me in Ruislip ? message me on 07956 555 666 for a quicker answer.

  9. Hi there what sort of gains can you give me on a
    2008 transit mk7 2.2 85
    What’s the price for it and how long dose it take ?

    • Forgive me if we have already spoke or sorted this Steve. Around 120ps is safe. message me on 07956 555 666 for a quick answer to any questions.

  10. Hi.
    I have a 2017 transit connect 1.5 100 ps.
    Would like to have it tuned for more power and torque.
    Maybe 120 bhp+.
    Is this possible?

  11. Hi

    I have a transit 2016 custom 100bhp

    I’m looking to have it re-mapped…….I’ve heard can get as much as 180bhp….is that true?

    It has a ford limiter on it also bit I imagine the remap would upload new software to change the setting for it ?

    Also what’s costs please ?


  12. Hi, I have Peugeot bipper 2010 with speed limit at 70 mph, can be removed, if so how much will cost?
    Thanks Daniel

  13. I have a 2011 Transit minibus that is very jerky upon take off . I have been reading for a few hours and it seems it may need a pcm update ? Are you able to do this ?

  14. Do you lift limiters or just remap? I have a restricted LDV Convoy with the 2.4 Duratorq engine what is limited to 60mph. This is the 90BHP model. Also do you do postal with the ECU or will i have to come through to Glasgow?

    • Hi Graham, vantuner no longer tunes the TDCI Mk6 Transit 2001-2006 model, for various reasons. All TDDi models are still tuned though, with very good results. Please call 07956 555 666 for a detailed explanation of why we dont recommend tuning the TDCI 125/135 – Martyn.

    • Hi I have a mk7 2.4rwd was looking to have the cruise control and outside temp done and the Bluetooth active on the stereo. If possible for a quote please I know I need to change the steering wheel but I will do this when I know if it’s possible thanks

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