2014 Connect “MK2” 75ps 1600 TDCI Tuning result.

Well here is a 1st , a 75ps Connect MK2. I have only done 95 & 115ps versions up till now but am pleased to say the 75 makes the same power as the 95, I.E 120ps. Hugely improved. 115ps models will make about 133ps, & the differences in engine hardware are the reason. I have lost my notes but Turbo & DPF are the culprits from what i recall from studying Fords’s excellent Microcat parts system when the Mk2 came out..

8 thoughts on “2014 Connect “MK2” 75ps 1600 TDCI Tuning result.

  1. Hi, I have a 2015 ford connect, 1.6 tdci 75 bhp.
    It certainly needs more poke, I’ve inquired with my local remapper who suggested to delete the egr and dpf first before any ECU work. Would like to know your thoughts as you specialise in van tuning! What can I do for more power? What sort of cost and power figures am I looking at?
    Many thanks

    • They make about 120ps just from a good remap. DPF removal may make it more responsive but its a lot of extra dosh & time to spend to find out. EGR removal / delete improves throttle response & economy slightly. I tune them, including softare update & EGR delete, for £300.

  2. Hi Martyn,
    I have a 2011 2.4 rwd 115 BHP… are these engines re-mappable? .If they are, what’s the best all-round “map” for this engine?..

  3. Hi I’ve got a 2014 transit connect 1.6tdci 95bhp, what sort of gains could I expect from a remap and a rough cost

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