170ps run on a 2.2 110T280 MK7.

Nice result on Ian Jones’s 2007 Mk7, it was a 110 originally but is now running 115 injectors & software, & is tuned as far as possible in the 6hrs we had.. Exhaust Gas Temperature stayed nicely within limits , smoke level is zero before 2700rpm & “acceptable” after that. The curves as you can see below are very smooth &  boost still stock at 1bar, there’s room for more power & less smoke for sure, roll on the next  session 🙂 as a result of this session, a 155ps (smoke free !) option is now available  if you have a MK7 110 or 115 in perfect order.

Dyno Test Transit Mk7 110ps

12 thoughts on “170ps run on a 2.2 110T280 MK7.

  1. I have a 2.2 115ps 2009 transit remapped by celtic turning could you get more power out of my van with your remapping service cheers for any help regards Daniel

  2. hi i have 2011 2.2 115 ps trend 66.000 miles have had it remaped to 140 but wonder how to get a little more from it i live in the orkney islands and go sometimes to scotland can you advise please thanks… mike

    • You can post me the engine ECU Mike.. I’ll assess it & if i can improve on the existing tune I will.. I have a partner in Glasgow also who could do the same..

      • hi sorry for not getting back to you i have had a bad back but its fixed now yes the van is very good power wise i just think i need that little bit more grunt i have thought of upgrading the intercooler but i dont know i have tuned cars in the old days but this electronics gets me wondering the van was maped at autoclinic in carluke done as i came home with the van your advice would be very helpfull thanks now… MIKE

    • 110’s are more suited to maxing out tuning wise than the 85 as early original 85’s appear to have slightly different piston crowns & the combustion event sound differs slightly.. 110/115/130/140 are all the same internally so theoretically at least, they are better. More important is engine condition / mileage & especially injector condition, thats the real dictator of gains made from tuning..

  3. Hi I am interested in this article, are the engine, turbo and intercooler standard?
    Do you use 110 ecu or 115 ecu or is it a case of putting 115 injectors into a 110 and remapping the 110 ecu? and off we go, how much is it ?
    thanks darren

    • All stock 110 yes, apart from the 115 injectors & software , even stock boost level. For a quote, get in touch as the cost on each van differs depending on what , if any , preparatory work needs doing.

      • Hi I have a 2009 transit 140 trend with 105000 miles , it goes like stink I carry about half ton of tools . When cold it needs to wait for glow plugs to work , and there has been a whistle from new . When I drive at 50 mph it does about 440 miles at 60 or 70 lucky to get 400 miles . It’s a bit clattery when cold also , I need better starting and more mpg

        • Sounds like it could need new glow plugs, & 2 new “fuel valves”, a software update & recalibration work..if it cranks slowly a starter motor & if its a dual battery model, possibly a battery too…

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