Retrofit Transit Cruise Control By Post ?

A new addition to the arsenal of things you can do to your Ford Transit by sending vantuner one of Your vans ECU’s is adding factory cruise control. Send in your BCM ( Body Control Module) & cruise can be activated or anti hijack locking turned off or axle ratio changed etc etc..  You need the right BCM & wiring to start with If its a MK7 Transit  ( it varies from van to van ) , but all Euro 5 Custom & MK8 can be done irrespective of what BCM it has so check out the main cruise control page here  & run through the checklist..

2 thoughts on “Retrofit Transit Cruise Control By Post ?

  1. Hi am interested in turning on the cruise control on my 2010 ford transit 2.2 I can’t find the check list that you mentioned on your page it appears the link no longer works

    Regards Phil

    • I have fixed the link Phil, thanks for bringing that to my attention.. the cruise page in full can also be found under the Services tab at the top of all site pages.. have a read through & check out what you have or need on your van & call me on 07956 555 666 if you need any help.. – Martyn

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