MK6 Transit Tacho Removal

Essentially, to get the speedo to read your mileage again once tacho is physically removed , you need to source & fit a bypass loom, available from Henry Ford himself. The part number is 3C1T-10B942-AA & the “finis”code is 4522300. Is the part still available ? if not , just 2 connectors appear to be linked in the grey tacho plug (yellow & white with purple tracer).

11 thoughts on “MK6 Transit Tacho Removal

  1. hi i have a 2003 transit minibus mk6 and its in limp mode, i bought it like that and its only when i came to scan it it has a sport light but no engine management light, its not scanning properly anyway.

    does anyone know where i can find this adapter please?

  2. Hello.

    i have a 2013 transit and it will not show total KM driven. i had had some sort of distance tracking on it. but it has been unplugged. i have looked for the grey connector, but can not find it.. can you advice ?
    thank you

  3. Hi there, would this be the same for my 2013 mk7? It has the mileage (well KM’s) on the tacho but I want to remove it. Cheers.

  4. Hi, thanks for the above info. I have an early mk6 75ps transit with analogue tacho dash without millage display. The tacho is long gone leaving me with no millage display at all. Can I install a none tacho dash with the millage display then do the mod as above. I’m assuming a later digital display is useless to me as the ecu wont have stored the millage so I need to find an early analogue dash? I read some hints online that the early tacho and the dash had different gearbox sensors, any truth in this? any help you could give would be awesome cheers in advance.

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