Transit MK8 Tipper 170ps 2019/2020 65mph Speed Limiter Removal

( Feb 2022 Update – it’s now cracked – the limit can be removed & all 2019+ models engine power can be uprated to 185ps as well if needed.)

170ps Euro6d (6d-TEMP) Tippers that use the SID212evo engine ECU have a factory limiter set about 65mph, it’s due to what Ford call “Whole Life Testing Protocol” Recent emissions scandals really focused regulators on emissions after delivery is made & it’s calculated that in a year or 3 once engine & tyres are worn etc the emissions on affected models may just go over the prescribed limit. Normally one would hack the engine ECU to kill the limit but because no remapping equipment can access the Continental SID212/212evo engine ECU file yet it’s not yet possible. ( October 2020) “Diagnostically” it’s a no go even for those with online dealer tool access. I’m not 100% if it’s only 170’s but have heard 105ps models are not affected – You can check your ECU type – there is a label on it & its behind the passenger headlamp. If you’ve a SID211 it’s easy to remove any limiter & anything else is not.

5 thoughts on “Transit MK8 Tipper 170ps 2019/2020 65mph Speed Limiter Removal

  1. have you worked this one out yet guys?
    ive got a skeletal chasiss cab with the 170 ad blue 2 litre eingine and it wont go over 62mph, i didnt order a limiter, and its a low loader not a camper.

      • is it still a no go on this one?
        or has someone cracked it yet?
        my dealers telling me:
        “I’ve had a response from Ford but they didn’t really answer my question.

        The speed limiter was advised in the relevant price list for 2020.50MY effective from 24th February. This is all around WLTP Co² regulations.
        This cannot be removed or increased.

        Although we ordered your vehicle on the 29th January as a 2019.75MY, this was converted to 2020.50MY.

        Honestly there’s nothing more I can suggest as I honestly thought a car garage would be able to do this but as Ford have stated it will affect the CO2 emissions, this cannot be done.”
        but this is so annoying to be limited in a powerhouse

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