Crafter & Sprinter DPF Removal

Getting shot  of the problematic DPF is still a popular modification here  despite the possibility of the MOT test eventually including a more elaborate  sniff of the exhaust  to see of the DPF system is working.. You can always get it switched back on of course if ever  needed..

Euro 4 Crafter 2007 to 2010 & Euro 5 Crafter 2010 onwards

Euro 4 Sprinter 2006-2009  & Euro 5 2009 onwards..

Iveco Daily all from 2007..

All above models are possible to remove & you have the ( budget )  option to get the DPF  innards taken out anywhere such as the cheapest place you can find or DIY  then just come here for the software modification.. The powder You get out is worth a lot of money to the right recycler…

As well as DPF removal, on Sprinter  & Crafter the engines hardware is the almost identical across all models so a 311 Merc or a 109 Crafter can all be tuned easily to the same level as as the higher output models without pushing anything so a power tune is a great idea to do at the same time..if there’s 50 free horsepower why not unleash it !

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