Connect Tddi Dyno Test Results

With more boost, the popular Euro 3 75ps Tddi Connect( 2002-2006) can make some pretty stunning gains.. this one in Finland, tuned via the I-MAP system is making 121ps now , with torque up from 175 to 230nm’s.

Mods so far –

– egr blank
– cold air intake
– 4,3v zener diode on map-sensor ( to stop ECU having kittens with raised boost level)
– v4 program
– electronic boost controller set @1,4 bar peak ( on stock turbo)
Connect Dyno

130ps should be possible with further software tweaks & a better intercooler & simply fitting an intercooler  (& matching pipework)  from any Euro4 Connect will offer an improvement to the shabby , poorly angled stock item.

Would a Sytec manual controller work in stead of the electronic one? we aren’t sure but at a fraction of the price of an electronic controller it would be worth trying..

18 thoughts on “Connect Tddi Dyno Test Results

  1. Can the transit connect 75 tdci be taken
    Above 115 if using to bigger injectors from say a galaxy or smax
    Then use a larger turbo

    Mapped at the moment but it gets very hot when flat out
    Probably turbo going into overdrive

    No one seems to go beyond a standard genetic map i have had you map my old Transit hi top

  2. Hi there I’d really like this done to my tddi connect as it’s sooo slow . Even after a carbon clean a good service and redex still not got much power at all . Where are you based ?

    • It fools the ecu into not limiting fuel at max boost. It’s a fairly complex subject so you’re best of googling how a MAP sensor works & 9nce understood, searching for zener diode boost trick or similar.

      • I e done the zener diode definitelgoes better now. I’m getting 3.5 volts to the ECU (using ford scan live data )now does this sound about right thanks Niall

        • Sounds okay, more important is the boost level, as long as you have aimed for no more than about 200 millibar over stock peak relative level, the turbo should last.

          • Thanks for the info I’ve got it running at 1.4 bar on boost controller rarely reaches that level though so doubt the turbo has much life innit anyway.

  3. Hi I have a 07 75psi tdci transit connect how much to get it up to around 90-100 if you can get that much

  4. Hi I’ve a 57 reg 85 t280 transit lx I’ve had it from new and it’s now done 153000 miles ,I’m wanting to no if it’s worth having it tuned or not it’s got full service history and runs spot on still returning 37/39 mpg on a long run and 35mpg around town . What gains in bhp would I see . Thanks

    • I tune plenty at similar mileages.. the potential is about 140ps (350nm) maxed out but 125ps (320nm) is an option or there’s even the factory 110ps upgrade.. does your engine hunt at all when idling ?

  5. We have a 2007 model transit that has ongoing issues with power management. We are based in Australia and cannot find anyone that can help us with ecu remapping. The old ecu had a problem so ford put a new one in it and since then lacks power and starts to fall off boost at 2600 rpm. It does not pull like it did before and the clowns at ford just throw there hands in the air because they cannot fix it. Do you know someone here in Australia that can help us or do you have an ecu that maybe able to help us. I look forward to your reply. Cheers, phil

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