Christmas 2018

Well it’s Christmas again & vantuner still isn’t giving a discount, but it is easier to book as less owners are getting work done this month.  As for general news, new vehicles covered etc, there is almost none but i have worked out an easy ( cheaper) way for speed limiter removal for  late model Corsa D speed limiters, of about 2011 vintage, just before that real ugly bastard fiat doblo clone version  was released.  

Need more power ? more sarcasm ? call or whats-app me on  07956 555 666. Office hours, monday to saturday. 

Updated UK MOT regulations as of May 2018

Aimed primarily at those who disable emissions control equipment like DPF system’s the new MOT reg’s  include a more thorough physical check of the DPF system, so no  just cutting a hole /hatch in the DPF filter body to remove its filter media,  you’ll need to open & weld it back along a  seam. There’s still no check on its or the  EGR systems efficiency much beyond a basic smoke check. Other MOT regs update include a lit or malfunctioning MIL lamp being a fail, & physically checking EGR is connected  & present.

Making these systems reliable is the only way to thwart the desire to delete these systems though as hugely expensive & problematic repair options continue to override the public health concerns of owners with afflicted vehicles.  We could all go electric i suppose, but  then i’d have nothing much left to tune. I couldn’t even find DRIVE on my mates Tesla last week, so bollox to actually remapping it.

2012 Transit 140 Sport – MPG & Top Speed – update after 60k.

On  recent 1500 mile run to Germany.

125mph on GPS

& 34 mpg on the on-board computer averaging 85mph

60k miles done so far on the current tune.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4’s are doing 18k on the front also which is pretty impressive, although it is a £200 tyre !

Power wise, its the usual maxed out tune that these Euro 5 engine’s seem to  lap up  – so circa 180ps /420nm.

Its Curtains for 125ps & 135ps TDCI MK6 Transit Tuning. ( & a few others )

Vantuner no longer tunes them, as they  are not  reliable & any tuning will add more risk to already over sensitive injection system.

One issue , on this Delphi injection system setup, is tolerance on fuel rail pressure deviation, anything over approx 60 bar from spec at full pelt (1600 bar) & you have limp mode. A standard van is kissing this limit anyway so even tuning which avoids any rail pressure increase directly will lower this margin..So they can run good apart from going into limp mode under full load intermittently.. What a load of bollocks.. The creators should be ashamed of themselves  – In ancient Greece, the word Delphi may mean “Womb”.. Clearly Fords 1st common rail offspring has a birth defect.

If you need speed limiter removal , thats no problem. For EGR delete ( assuming your EGR valve is currently working ok)  just disconnect the vacuum pipe that operates the EGR. You wont get an engine light from doing this, same with fitting an EGR blanking plate. You’ll get a P0404 engine trouble code thats all, as this is a Euro 3 engine & EGR performance was not as crucial , unlike with  later Euro emissions regulations, where any EGR issue will light the MIL ( Malfunction Indicator Lamp on dash) .

110ps MK7 Transit

Stock 110ps Transit Mk7 Euro 4 2200 have a tendency to develop a vibration at about 1690rpm on light acceleration & pushing the gas pedal & it goes. It can affect any Euro 4 diesel Transit but its  rare on others . Some have fixed it by fitting a new genuine crankshaft pulley or engine mounts, or clutch  but there is no foolproof repair route . Any repair or tuning that adds torque to that RPM point or corrects a loss in the case of a repair, can induce the vibration & its tricky to solve. Its a balance  / calibration error, an argument between 2 maps if you like. Not something that can be solved reliably by someone like myself for various reasons. Here’s one  – you adjust the calibration ( mapping ) load it in,  & its gone, 300 miles later its back. Why  ? Because some short term fuelling trims via an adaptation process are reset every time you reprogram the engine ECU so full torque, via a slight fuelling reduction isn’t available until the adaptation process completes.  As you can imagine that complicates any fix.  For this reason, vantuner no longer tunes or works on 110ps van’s.   I do have some 130ps ish tuned  software for 85/110’s, that has cured a few back in the day,  but it’s tricky to install & honestly i’d rather not get involved anymore with them. 

130ps & 140ps MK7 Euro 4 Front Wheel Drive Transits

I consider the 130/140FWD fragile & unreliable. The piston crown weakness that blights the 2.2 is most prominent on the 130 , & the usual Euro 4 issues ( injector wear, hunting, egr, turbo actuator failure)  seems to affect the 130 /140FWD  more  so vantuner no longer tunes them, but will carry out other repairs like recalibration, EGR delete, software updates etc. 

LDV Convoy still a good van to tune

Usually of about 2003 vintage, the Convoy are  beast of a van, often long wheel base , twin wheel high roof etc. Great candidates for a camper conversion or for one man & his beard (& dog) road-home conversions etc.

Often 1st owned by like Royal Mail  & charities.They come with the excellent  Transit Duratorq 16 valve turbo diesel engine in either 75ps or 90ps limited to 62 or 70mph.. All Transit tuning & maintenance advice applies… the limiter is also easily removed..see this page :  Transit Service Tips

Ford Transit Diff Ratio’s & Axle Swaps

“My van is screaming its nuts off on the motorway”, is a common complaint & leads many owners of rear wheel drive Transits get in touch hoping a remap will fix it but it is a common misconception that a remap can change this.. Whilst more torque & a quieter tuned engine can sometimes give the impression of less rpm for any given speed travelled, its just an illusion.

The true  solution is a different axle ratio, achieved by an axle or diff change.. on MK7 Euro 4 ( 2006-6 to 11-2011 if you have a 5.11 or a 5.13 ratio diff fitted currently, an indicated 70mph will be made using over 3000rpm..  Anything over 3000rpm can be noisy & uneconomical . I’d recommend around  1  “point” reduction  so something in the low 4’s like a 4.27 would suffice without acceleration suffering too much. How about the 3.73 ?  An excellent choice as 70 will come up about 2600-2700 rpm but a remap is needed to pull it if you’ve 100ps. 115’s & 140’s would pull that  much better , so get in touch to discuss vantuner’ in house developed custom tuning options.

On Euro 5 MK7’s the axle ratios are taller to start with as the Euro 5 has 20% or more torque at lower RPM to start with & the axle choices can be as tall as 3.31. These axles can be fitted to Euro 4 MK7 no problem, so if youve 170ps plus, consider one of these.

How do you tell what you have already  ?  register & login to Ford ETIS & you can see what it came from the factory with. Or there is a tag on the diff cover with 3 digits that you can work out the ratio from. Or spin the wheels off of the ground & count how may wheel turns compared to one propshaft revolution.

A common query is if i fit a minibus axle what will the RPM be at 60 or 70 mph on my tipper . It depends on what diff ratio you have & what ratio the minibus axle is as the ratios can vary. Any seller worth his salt should be able to tell you the actual ratio of what he is selling.

MK6 Transits – only the 135ps came with anything lower than a 4.63 so maybe an axle or diff from one of them might be suitable. People do fit MK7 axles but its not a simple plug & play, as you need MK7 handbrake cables & MK7 ABS reductor rings ( if your MK6 has ABS )

Finally whatever you do , your speedo will read wrong untill new axle ratio is programmed in to the ECU/BCM.

Vantuner doesn’t actually do axle  / diff changes or give advice on what your new RPM will be etc but recommended  Transaxle Services in Halifax  who fitted used diff’s at a reasonable cost but were considering retirement in 2018 so i’m not sure what option’s you have now

Corsa D & Combo 1.3 Speed Limiter Removal

BT  Fleet , Openreach & various other UK utilities still seem to be auctioning off these from time to time & nearly all have a 68 or 70mph limiter, which drives new private owners nuts from what I can tell . No main dealer can remove them despite the girl on reception saying yes no problem I’ve checked with Gordon & that’ll be 100 quid please… Vantuners removal solution on these  is a bit long winded & expensive, compared to many other small van solutions, but is effective nonetheless & an optional  power or economy tune at little extra cost softens the blow. Model year 2008 on vans seem a little easier than earlier ones thankfully.

Interesting Result on 115ps Renault Trafic 2010 Tune.

Sometimes the dyno surprises & this Vivaro is a good example. The van’s performance in mine & the customers opinion was  transformed yet it “only” made 135ps & 311nm on a local super honest Dyno Dynamics dyno.. it ran great prior to tuning & was very well maintained so I suspect they don’t make the specified 115ps as standard.. sadly i couldn’t make the session to load the stock file for a “before “ run.. It’s an epic tune that I have worked out for these over the years nonetheless so no need to change anything…

Vivaro 115 Dyno Run @vantuner

145000 miles long term update – Transit Sport

A nice long term report came in today..

From: Nigel Holmes
Location: Near Southampton
Make, Model, Year, Mileage: Ford Transit Sport 2007 150,000

Message Body:
Hi Martin …long time no speak …

just thought i would let you know my van has now reached 150,000 miles
and still running perfectly ..let no one say re-mapping shortens the life of an engine has never been in the garage for engine related problems since you re-mapped it at 5000 miles ..

Many thanks ..hope your keeping well ..feel free to put this on your website ..will have to change van shortly so will be in touch ..