Latest Transit & Transit Custom TuningSpeed Limiter Removal – (2017 Panther Engine 2.0 Euro 6)

Ford’s 2017 Transit Mk8 & Transit Custom,  now has an updated engine – the “Panther” 2.0  – complying to Euro 6 emissions specifications.

Available in 3 models there’s also an auto option, finally !.

105ps 360nm

130ps 385nm

170ps 420nm

As of June 2017 , thanks to the usual Italian hacker, they can now be tuned & delimited with all models capable of great gains in power & torque. Like most Ford diesels power varies a little from 1 van to the next but 190ps  /460nm is the ballpark figure.

Many tuning companies will quote  a little more to get you in the door, i quote what they really make, measured on a top quality dyno setup,  & get customers who value honesty, over hype, just like myself. They can be tuned without opening the ECU as well now so less concern for water ingress after the tuning or warranty considerations.

Most enquires i receive ask about the safely of the engines once tuned but like many models in various manufacturers ranges , one engine is used & its differing ECU firmware that determines the output power level.

Warranty concerns are usual, but Ford, like most manufacturers, cant tell it’s been done. V.A.G & MB can currently but that’s it.

So with lumps making up to 170 stock, 190 isn’t  pushing anything. The 105 & 130 are just detuned 170’s, thats one way of looking at it anyway 🙂 another tuning option that may be unique to vantuner is a stealth factory power  level  change,  it’s not done via the switch like the factory does it during setup  , but its does not change any fuel or boost maps either. Call for more details.

As a footnote to engine specs & types, a 2.2 Euro 6 is available on a MK8 mini bus chassis – most commonly as a 125ps  –  these make 175ps once tuned & for off highway use like airports, DPF & Adblue systems removal is available.

48 thoughts on “Latest Transit & Transit Custom TuningSpeed Limiter Removal – (2017 Panther Engine 2.0 Euro 6)

    • Some get gains some dont Griff. thats the God’s honest. Anyone who says otherwise is more interested in your wallet contents than your satisfaction. What power is yours presently?

  1. Hi, Have the custom 2018 170bhp automatic, where can the ecu be done and the cost, im in northamptonshire in february getting the van converted to a camper.

    • You could get the conversion guys to send me the engine ECU while the conversion is being carried out. Otherwise a visit to vantuner HQ in Uxbridge would be needed.

  2. Hi I have a 2014 transit custom, how much to have a 70mph limiter removed and also a remap. Why can they safely be tuned to.
    Thank you

    • Hi, at 180 ish , they sound & feel perfect, that’s what I tune them to. Any more & you can sense danger. To get a quote for the limit removal & tuning call 07956555666

  3. Hi, I have a 130bhp 19 plate custom limited, what would be your availability please? Also a costing too please?

  4. Hi i have a transit custom msport 155bhp 2016 i would like a remap but im concerned about the ecu removal is this still necessary? Also my limiter taken off. Any help would be appreciated and cost please

  5. Hi VanTuner, I have a 2014 transit custom 290 eco-tech 74kw ( which I think is 100ps )?

    I have already had the 70mph limiter removed but I’d like a remap for a better drive and more power, it’s a bit pointless even having 6th gear at the moment especially on the slightest incline. Can you help?

    • Tuned to 180 they feel quite different Darren. 6th should be more usable for sure. Best message me on 07956 555 666 for more info. Martyn.

  6. Hi, I’ve got a euro6 170 custom and because do lots of short journeys it’s coming up with the common fault of needing an oil change as the oil gets diluted with diesel I believe from failed dpf regens. So far it’s had 3 oil changes in 10000 miles!
    Ok so it’s still got some warranty left on it but when it runs out could I blank egr (with required Ecu mod as well as 190 remap) as surely that would provent the diesel from even being able to get back in the inlet etc… what’s your thoughts?

  7. HI I have a Ford Transit Minibus 2011- limited to 62 mph. This is not used as a commercial vehicle – large family. What is the cost for removing the limit if at all?

  8. I’ve got a 2017 Transit. (Not custom). Currently it’s 170hp and won’t go past 97mph. You able to change those figures?

  9. Hi Vantuner
    I Have a Transit Custom 2.0 with the Euro 6 engine.
    As I understand it the ECU has to be removed to carry out the remap, is this correct? and do you think it may in the future be possible to remap these vehicles without disturbing the ECU and thus alerting the service agent to the upgrade.

      • Hi Martyn
        Thanks for the reply.
        Can I have prices and info on what I can expect in terms of performance. I currently have the Transit custom 2.0 130 version.

        • Hi Paul, all 2.0 Customs make 190ps / 460nm , for a quote please call me on 07956555666 during office hours to discuss price options – Martyn

  10. Would like my transit custom euro 6 130ps remapped but concerned about warranty

    Do you know if warranty will be void? And does the remap leave a log on the ECU?


    • Hi, there’s no log regarding tuning. Warranty would be technically void but in 10 years I haven’t heard or had any such warranty issues with vans that I have tuned & that have subsequently gone in for repair.

  11. Hi Martyn,
    I’m in the process of choosing which Mk8 Transit engine I should spec in my new Transit. Having read the above comments, I assume that there is no physical/mechanical/parts difference between the 105/130/170 BHP engines? It literally is just the map placed on the ECU? And that by going for the lesser powered unit, I can spend the money saved on tasty options 😉
    And you can add the power later, to make the engine what it should be! And there will be no physical/mechanical restrictions by going for the 130bhp rather than the 170bhp?
    Thanks for your thoughts………

  12. 2.0 Panther engine remap.
    Please could you let me know if you are able to tune the new engine that is fitted to my Transit Custom?
    If you can, please advise me of costs, and how you would go about carrying out the work on the van?

    • Any day now David I will be doing them. Cost wise its £325. The process requires ECU removal & opening so is around 6 hrs work done here in Uxbridge.

    • Not sure yet Steven as i have yet to have one of the new euro 6 models in yet. Cant see it being a problem based on how simple transit limiters are generally though. Were you interested in tuning as well ?

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