Transit Software Updates

Vantuner offers a long winded , luxurious, Ford trained  ,Ford licensed,  while you wait Transit Mk7 Engine ECU/PCM software  update service..some ford  main dealers still dont know the full & correct way to do these , which is just  scandalous..

The cost here is much the same as going to a main dealer but you can be assured of the full & correct method..!

Vantuner has huge  experience in getting rid of unstable idle, cutting out, hesitancy, puffs of smoke, poor MPG, lack of power etc & can add anti stall features, reconfigure lock sequencing etc, cancel the “anti-hijack ” self locking behaviour , fit & recalibrate new SCV ( suction Control Valves , PRV’s ( Pressure Relief Valves ) delete problematic EGR ( Exhaust Gas Recirculation ) valve function etc etc… …. fixing MK 7 Transits isnt a cheap experience when done incorrectly , its 100 quid for this bit , 125 for that etc , £X for valves etc etc so  get it done once & get it done correctly… :)

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