Transit Software Updates

Vantuner offers a long winded , luxurious, Ford Tech trained  , while you wait Transit Mk7 Engine ECU/PCM software  update service ..Some ford  main dealers still dont know the full & correct way to do these , which is just  scandalous.. any shortcut or step skipping  & the same problem ( commonly bad idle, hunting, cutting out etc..will return or worse !


3 thoughts on “Transit Software Updates

  1. ..On yours with no fault codes its not so common a fault Peter so realistically theres little chance of diagnosing it remotely… i would suspect a leak or blockage in the filter head/filter/fuel lines so initially disconnect ( from the filter head) the return from fuel system as well as feed then try the inlet to container trick, just in case the return side or filter head is restricting flow. Datalogging via an “IDS” diagnostic tool can monitor things like suction control vavle current, fuel pressure etc… look for a fuel pressure reading of about 23 +/- 4 in datalogger when engine is hot.. remove & check the PRV on the end of the rail also & if its shot, replace it & get the engine ecu software updated & recalibrated..