Transit Power & Service Tips

Clean out your inlet - even on an engine making good standard power , cleaning the inlet manifold & intake ports  ( what you can access of them anyway )  liberates free power & economy… works especially well on Mk6 Models but applies to all diesel transits to date…

Its a filthy process though with all the goo from the crankase breather & egr systems feeding into it  & you will  need a set of (manifold to head), gaskets , they come as 6 blue oblong shaped seals on Mk6′s…

EGR Blanking & Deleting replacing the flange gasket from the egr feed pipe to egr valve with a blank ( unholed !) plate effectively stops the function of the egr valve.. blanking plates are available on ebay for £4.29 or so or just make one yourself. Not from a beer can though, you need something a little thicker !  this works great on Euro 3 (2000-2006) Transits  & Transit Connects but on Euro 4 & later  vans of either flavour it will affect low engine speed performance  & throttle response  & /or  throw up an engine check light  / MIL (malfunction indicator lamp)  on the dash.. the odd van runs ok, depending on your ECU’s particular software version, but all will currently  light the engine malfunction lamp ( check engine light) An EGR delete software solution is now available  on all 2006.5 on  Mk7 2.2,2.4 & 3.2 Transit & 2012 on Transit Custom models which end the problem once  & for all & adds about .5 to 1mpg as well as making the van run crisper at up to 3000rpm..Best source for blanking plates is a seller on eBay called Bertye1958 , the plate you need for Mk7′s is this one “EGR Valve blanking plate FORD MK7 TRANSIT 2.2 2.4 tdci Land Rover Citroen relay”

Fit an intercooler –  to 75ps 2.0 litre TDDI Transit ? unless your upgrading the turbo itself,  or needing to tune beyond 100p, I wouldn’t bother .Of the few i have tested , having no IC  doesn’t seem to be a limiting factor & is a pain as you ideally need a complete donor set of complete pipes to & from it due to differing MAP ( manifold absolute pressure) sensor & EGR valve ( exhaust gas recirculation ) positions…on 75ps 2.4 Transit TDDI, its an easy mod as theres a blanking pipe in place, the intercooler just inserts in place of that. Up your boost once fitted..

Up your Boost  – some models have adjustable wastegate actuating rods, shorten it  & you have upped your boost, ( this increases the volume of the actuating pot &  increases  the tension or preload on the pots diaphragm) theres a little & useful gain to be had & its generally a safe thing to do ..try 1 turn & test, ( or measure boost) & if all feels good,  increase half turn at a time… if you’ve a gauge/way of measuring,  aim for 10% over stock reading & if not, between 1 & 2.5 turns is a guide.. Universal Turbo’s do a nice hybriding service, either to your spec or a “just make it boost more” option for reasonable money  – If your turbo’s output is controlled electronically however ,(TDCI 125,135, 140, 200) look for wires connected to it ! )  leave well alone… Universal may sell you an adjustable wastegate actuating rod  / vac pot for your stock turbo, this would be far better than a bleed valve type solution as many are crap.. 85/110 Mk7′s have a adjustable rod, remove the vac pot mountings from comp housing & a circlip on the wastegate arm then adjust at your leisure remembering ( lots) more is not always better due to many factors, so get googling for a few hours prior to adjustment!

145 from a 75/90 2.4 ?  – get an ECU with ID/Catchword “8CAD”, then any Turbo , pump & injectors from any 125/115/120 and you can fit these to a 75 or 90 2.4, & with a little tuning, you have 145ps, yummy.. prohibitively expensive though & you need all the components to make it work…i have been involved in 2 such conversions.

150ps from a 85ps or 110ps  Mk7 ? fit high flow injectors from any  115/130/140 ( part number 6C1Q-9K546-BC) & your van can have a software swap & map to a stonking 150ps very easily..

K&N type fiters – 44 quid , wash it once a year, then get 20 quid for it used once you have finished with it, thats free filtration ! i like them & they sweeten up the throttle response..

Millers Ecomax Fuel additive - buy the cheapest  fuel , add a little Millers & you have a premium spec fuel for a quid a tank :) power, mpg & quietness of engine, are all enhanced, a little..

Genuine Fuel Filers ? is it worth using a genuine filter ? Yes as TDCI use 5 micron filtration.. when was the last time your plain white unbranded one specified that ? the wrong one for a TDCI, a 10 micron one  ( which fits the filter head just fine!) , will block or wear the Delphi & Denso common rail injectors quickly & using  a 10 micron on a TDDI will result in lack of power.. Spending £30 quid ( £18 trade )  saves the worry.

Hunting at idle when hot or cutting out. A new PRV & SCV will be required followed by a PCM update  & recalibration of the injections system to stabilise fuel presure & prevent the further valve failure..The PRV is part number 6C1Q-9H321-AB  & SCV 6C1Q-9358-AB, the PRV is a PRV ( pressure relief valve ) but the SCV , (suction control valve) is also know as a vapour relief valve or inlet metering valve.. Fuel system issues , leading to injector failure is suspected in the catastrofic engine failures that blights some Mk7′s so dont put it off too long.  Tip  – replacing one valve only or missing out a part of the 4 stage software process needed after fitting of valves will result in the problem not being cured completely  & symptoms will return.