Iveco Daily Immobiliser Problems & Solutions

Iveco Daily often have the immobiliser system go down resulting in no start or intermittent start & a code  / key icon warning lamp flashing in the dash.. .Vantuner can  delete  / bypass the factory immobiliser completely by simply reprogramming the engine ECU at a fraction of the cost of any alternative.. Models covered all & any 2.8/2.3/3.0 from about 2002 up to about 2011 & even some later ones. When the immobiliser is working OK, the code lamp, with its key icon, will light for 3 seconds then go off. You will hear the fuel primer  / lift pump wiring for 4 seconds each time you turn the ignition on. Checking there is voltage to the primer/lift pump is a good idea to help establish the actual fault. There is a fuse & a relay that feeds this  circuit ( will add detailed info later )

The engine ECU must be removed & posted in, once you get it back , disconnect the immobiliser box (pre ’07’s)  , reinstall the engine ECU & you’re good to go. The immobiliser’s / key  code lmap in the dash should now be off ( if Euro 2 or 3 type ) & the van will start. Usual turnaround is 1 to 2 days or you can book in for it to be done while you wait if you bring it here by car etc. Euro 4 onwards will still have the immo lamp lit.

The ECU on RHD vehicles , is located under bonnet, on the right hand side , further right than the battery so remove the battery to get access,  & remove any bracketry prior to posting. Its easy to short connections on these van’s so one tip is to remove the positive terminal cable from the battery & put it straight into to a glove or 2 then stuff it out of the way.

The postal remaps page here has details of where to send & how to pay etc, & don’t be shy about posting it, the units are shockproof & I’ve never lost one in 8 years of doing this via Royal Mail Special Delivery  – You can just use a size H Jiffy bag on all but the earliest type in the 1st picture  & a small section of cardboard to protect the connector end.

You’ll find your engine ECU is made by Bosch & has one of the following part numbers  :

0281001537, 0281011228, 0281012193 – all of these can have the immobiliser deleted /bypassed.

Here is the earliest type ( 0251001537)

Iveco Daily EUro 2 Engine ECU Bosch 0281001537

Here is the one that most commonly fitted to vans that get problems – part number 0281011228, the Euro 4 van’s with ECU part number 0281012193, have an almost identical look.

iveco daily engine ecu 0281011228

Below is the immobiliser box you have to permanently disconnect if your van is a Euro 2 or 3 , (produced from roughly 2002-2006)., The box, if fitted, is located just forward of the steering column , under the dash, Its tricky to see & even harder to remove but you can unplug its two plugs  in situ or undo the 2 Torx bolts holding it in & you ‘ll then find unplugging much easier.You can locate the immo box by tracing the wiring down from the receiver ring that surrounds the ignition barrel.


This is a picture of the ignition & key, receiver ring that picks up a signal from the key, & wiring to the immobiliser box, to give an idea of the offending systems components size & look.


Whilst the ECU is here , speed limiter removal or tuning for economy  / power , torque can also be carried out.


Emails /Feedback

Just an update on my van having now driven some of my usual routes.  Feel free to publish this on your website if you’d like.
My 2005 Iveco Daily 35s12 does a lot of fully laden towing with a box trailer, weighing in at over 6000kg.
As a standard 2.3l engine with 116bhp it would struggle on hills, and cruising at 56mph would normally need 4th as i could not maintain speed on any hint of an incline or headwind in top.
After your postal remap the van is transformed, it comfortably holds 5th with power in reserve, Falmer Hill on the A27 nr Brighton can be topped in 4th at over 50mph (previously with a run up and changing down to 3rd we would struggle to maintain 40mph) and Handcross Hill on the A23 maintaining 56mph in 4th. And yes, this is whilst towing the fully laden box trailer.
And its silly quick when driven solo!  I can’t remember how much extra torque you dialed in but feel free to add it.
Thanks very much Martyn, a happy customer 🙂 ( Olly, Chief of UK’s only Iveco Forum)