2017 Panther 2.0 Euro 6 Transit Tuning & Speed Limiter Removal

Ford’s 2017 Transit Custom now has an updated engine – the “Panther” 2.0  – complying to Euro 6 emissions specifications.

Available in 3 models there’s also an auto option.

105ps 360nm

130ps 385nm

170ps 420nm

As of June 12th 2017 , thanks to the usual Italian hacker, they can now be tuned & delimited. Vantuner plans to offer tuning from about mid July.

Ford Connect Euro 1.8 TDCI 2006 onwards EGR delete

So many Euro 4 ( & 1.8 Euro 5’s ) Transit Connect owners seems to have EGR valves failing these days, with running issues & P0490, P1103, P1102 P0404 Sensor Circuit A dtc fault codes seen very often.

The 90ps, 110 & 75’s are all affected. The DTC fault codes beginning 11 are “companion” air mass faults as well, but these are often just indicative of a faulty EGR, as one of the MAF sensor’s jobs is to monitor EGR performance. Vantuner can switch of the function of a faulty or working EGR in person or by post, at about a third of the cost of a new valve, which is a pricey Ford only supplied item as it comes complete with the entire intake manifold!

Plenty of discussion about this very problem on the Ford Transit Forum ( fordtransit.org)

EGR P0490 fault code

Using the Ford Etis database

Anyone can enter their registration number or VIN here & bring up quite a detailed spec of their van..follow this link & select vehicle.. if the option to enter reg isn’t showing, go back to the home page , select preferences  & select united kingdom. the reg number entry should now work.. if your reg wont work enter your VIN.  This is a handy service for looking up what axle ratio was originally fitted , among other things.. to search for items once the spec is shown without trawling through every entry, press CTRL F , this in many browsers brings up a search widget for the current pages shown content.

170ps run on a 2.2 110T280 MK7.

Nice result on Ian Jones’s 2007 Mk7, it was a 110 originally but is now running 115 injectors & software, & is tuned as far as possible in the 6hrs we had.. Exhaust Gas Temperature stayed nicely within limits , smoke level is zero before 2700rpm & “acceptable” after that. The curves as you can see below are very smooth &  boost still stock at 1bar, there’s room for more power & less smoke for sure, roll on the next  session 🙂 as a result of this session, a 155ps (smoke free !) option is now available  if you have a MK7 110 or 115 in perfect order.

Dyno Test Transit Mk7 110ps

My 243ps Diesel Transit Mk7

My own Transit, a 2008 Ex RAC Short wheel base  / low roof  with a 5 cylinder 3.2l Duratorq engine, makes about 240ps & 580nm Torque, thats about 20% up from a  stock 200 Transit  & about 120% up from when i bought it 2 years back,  when it made just 105ps ( as a 2.4) .. , the plan , now pretty much achieved , was 50ps per cylinder with no hardware mods.

Here is the 1st run, bog standard,  from July 2015

200ps Transit Dyno


& the 2nd run, with tuning reloaded via the Droid, straight after…….

243ps - 580nm

A hybrid turbo is probably next, but there’s the issue of the stock boost mapping limits or MAP sensor to get around 1st.. the MAP sensor is a 2.5bar unit as used on all other lesser Mk7’s .. it maybe time to test the zener diode trick..

Retrofit Transit Cruise Control By Post ?

A new addition to the arsenal of things you can do to your Ford Transit by sending vantuner one of Your vans ECU’s is adding factory cruise control. Send in your BCM ( Body Control Module) & cruise can be activated or anti hijack locking turned off or axle ratio changed etc etc..  You need the right BCM & wiring to start with ( it varies from van to van ) so check out the main cruise control page here  & run through the checklist..

Crafter & Sprinter DPF Removal

Getting shot  of the problematic DPF is still a popular modification here  despite the possibility of the MOT test eventually including a more elaborate  sniff of the exhaust  to see of the DPF system is working.. You can always get it switched back on of course if ever  needed..

Euro 4 Crafter 2007 to 2010 & Euro 5 Crafter 2010 onwards

Euro 4 Sprinter 2006-2009  & Euro 5 2009 onwards..

Iveco Daily all from 2007..

All above models are possible to remove & you have the ( budget )  option to get the DPF  innards taken out anywhere such as the cheapest place you can find or DIY  then just come here for the software modification.. The powder You get out is worth a lot of money to the right recycler…

As well as DPF removal, on Sprinter  & Crafter the engines hardware is the almost identical across all models so a 311 Merc or a 109 Crafter can all be tuned easily to the same level as as the higher output models without pushing anything so a power tune is a great idea to do at the same time..if there’s 50 free horsepower why not unleash it !