2017 Panther 2.0 Euro 6 Transit Tuning & Speed Limiter Removal

Ford’s 2017 Transit Custom now has an updated engine – the “Panther” 2.0  – complying to Euro 6 emissions specifications.

Available in 3 models there’s also an auto option.

105ps 360nm

130ps 385nm

170ps 420nm

As of June 12th 2017 , thanks to the usual Italian hacker, they can now be tuned & delimited. Vantuner plans to offer tuning from about mid July.

10 thoughts on “2017 Panther 2.0 Euro 6 Transit Tuning & Speed Limiter Removal

    • Not sure yet Steven as i have yet to have one of the new euro 6 models in yet. Cant see it being a problem based on how simple transit limiters are generally though. Were you interested in tuning as well ?

  1. 2.0 Panther engine remap.
    Please could you let me know if you are able to tune the new engine that is fitted to my Transit Custom?
    If you can, please advise me of costs, and how you would go about carrying out the work on the van?

    • Any day now David I will be doing them. Cost wise its £325. The process requires ECU removal & opening so is around 6 hrs work done here in Uxbridge.

  2. Hi Martyn,
    I’m in the process of choosing which Mk8 Transit engine I should spec in my new Transit. Having read the above comments, I assume that there is no physical/mechanical/parts difference between the 105/130/170 BHP engines? It literally is just the map placed on the ECU? And that by going for the lesser powered unit, I can spend the money saved on tasty options 😉
    And you can add the power later, to make the engine what it should be! And there will be no physical/mechanical restrictions by going for the 130bhp rather than the 170bhp?
    Thanks for your thoughts………

    • Thats correct, the 2.0 Euro 6 Panther Transit engines are all the same, its just software. I could add another 200 words of explanation but there’s no need 😉

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